Validated Immunity: The Non-Vaccine COVID Passport System

This one is sure to cause some debate. “A more accurate passport system for businesses who support science and safety over discrimination.” Judge for yourself:

Watch the video presentations at Facebook:

Academic collaboration to find biomarkers of viral defence readiness. This simple blood test will be a warrant of fitness for your viral immune system, giving you an A B or C safety grade with a QR code on your phone that you can show your employer, at events, or any public site. Not just a useful risk management tool for workspace managers and event coordinators, the app can also help each individual manage your own health, by showing you exactly what you can do to improve the layers of viral protection in your body.

We are going live right now with a give-a-little campaign. Community initiated immunity pass that calculates transmission risk from a variety of biomarkers such as antibodies from injection or infection, vitamin and mineral levels. A more accurate passport system for businesses who support science and safety over discrimination. $11 from 1000 people will get the research underway.

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Martin comments: If you think this is a great idea, make a donation if you can. If you don’t think it’s a great idea, tell us why not! I suspect as a non-government controlled vax-pass alternative there might be some resistance from The Powers That Be? How do you think they would react to this alternative? You may prefer no passport/ID system at all, but at least these guys are attempting combat discrimination and uphold Human Rights. Right?

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

11 thoughts on “Validated Immunity: The Non-Vaccine COVID Passport System

  1. I want to add: Giving your secretive enemies your state-of-immune-health at every door would be asking for out-of-hospital euthanasia. Just like the Covid vaccine is effectively a Hitler-style euthanasia tool of the old and health compromised (incl. of course handicapped) in real — political opponents will be added in due course by compulsory-vaccination purging as suggested by John Key and now Luxon; Fascistic dictatorship on both major political sides! Fascism and dictatorship is always far right by definition, no matter what Nazi propaganda label is applied. Thus even Russia and China are not socialistic but rich-man’s fascistic dictatorships, not only USA, Britain (with crown glitter), you name it…

    1. “Fascism and dictatorship is always far right by definition, no matter what Nazi propaganda label is applied.”
      I disagree strongly Fritz. Fascism and dictatorship is a feature of both the far Left and the Far Right: The end result of extremism regardless of which end of the political spectrum it stems from.
      This tendency towards wealth concentrating into the hands of a few is why Socialism fails over and over again. Evolution is based around hierarchies. Its when the wrong people are allowed to gain the upper hand that the system fails.

      1. Finally we got a deeper discussion going: Fascism is gang/brotherhood rule in favour of brother mates only, while socialism (word definition, not present propaganda label) is meant for society with all humans, as is democracy. Therefore the present “left” is in fact also far right, as this left/right spectrum was defined via the seating in the British first-past-the-post pseudo-democratic (monarchy) parliament, where the fascists run both sides in a British “Hollywood” theatre (laws of theatre — acts of parliament…). USA suffers from this heritage, too…
        Hitler’s “Nationalsozialismus” provided equalising / controlling (again except the rich) benefits to the worker masses while un-socialistically getting rid of any opponents and other “inferior races” you-know-how, a typical feature of elitary fascism — Vaxpasses or even vaccines will contain relevant selection criteria for similar practices today.
        Anarchy (and also small tribalism) is rather short-lived and -sighted, as ego-centric bully gangsters will take over, eating you physically or mentally. Fascists and their dictators treat other humans as cattle / sheep slaves for their exploitation.
        Under such system socialism / democracy fails, as it can’t even get started, while the wrong ego-centric people gaining the upper hand and ultimately enshrining their rule (dictate) by birth (monarch). Ego-centrism (not survival instinct) is caused by our ability to think abstractly but insufficiently by using words, which disconnects us from our planet that (or who) created and maintained us together with plants and animals. Such ego-hierarchy is an arbitrary construct not based on quality and ability (the natural criteria) — material wealth is not a proof of quality and ability due to narrow-minded specialisation, corruption, dishonesty and/or inheritance, and there exist philosophies that are not reliant on it, especially when considering higher purpose of life & universe that we can’t grasp with our limited conditioned horizons.

        After WW2 several countries tried to safeguard their democracies, but these safeguards were scattered among them so that none had achieved a reliably safeguarding holistic constitution with an optimum of such safeguards — And the current vaxxemic appears to have been created to prevent any further democracy-safeguarding developments before above traditional dictatorship is enshrined via total China-style surveillance (a tool used by Hitler, British monarchs and eastern countries), reducing constitutional human-rights safeguards to empty shells.
        History repeats itself over and over again for thousands of years until extinction, unless we achieve to break this vicious circle and overcome heedless complacency (the end of prey in nature).
        How to put this universe’s extreme complexity into a one-liner? I should ask Hitler — or maybe Trump?…

        1. Socialism is an unworkable system as all humans are different. That is why “Left” and “Right” always end up the same when taken to extremes with one attempting to separate from the other. Would you cut off your left leg and expect to be a better balanced person? Centrism (a sensible balance of moderate Left/Right values) is the only way a society can be healthy and functional.
          End of deep discussion.
          Not quite a “one liner” Fritz, but close 😉

          1. Dear Martin, not so hasty: We both agree, with the fine difference that you would discard everything looking/sounding like socialism, even some useful parts. Safeguarded (against fascism & dictatorship) democracy is the answer, as it is the optimisation tool to prevent these extremes, so that society hovers in a centrist range; It would use suitable aspects of capitalism, socialism, and other ideas for problem solutions. Theoretically socialism / communism cannot exist without democracy (hence Russia’s and China’s etc. “democracies” are in fact fascistic dictatorships), as the participants’ interests would not be sufficiently heard and respected. At present democracy is unworkable, too, because the established fascistic powers make it unworkable and prevent its optimisation. This should cover it now…
            Loved our exchange; Greetings!

            1. “with the fine difference that you would discard everything looking/sounding like socialism, even some useful parts.”
              I didn’t say that Fritz.
              I said that Socialism fails as a stand-alone system because all people are not the same, and then explained that a balance of Left-Right politics and ideologies makes for a healthy society.
              It seems we are in agreement then.

  2. It helps the fascists to increase total-surveillance acceptance, doing the work for them, also by furthering the forced-cell-phone-app surveillance; However, good for discussing problems & alternatives!

  3. Watched the video (downloaded it): rather slick eh.

    Mmm, i don‘t agree with *any* passport system, they’re *all* totalitarian; i don‘t have to prove anything to anyone, this being the complete absense of Trust.

    One is not bio-markers, so this would also cause discrimination to be in a no-man’s-land should one not show these supposed bio-markers in a bloodtest. So, who can validate these biomarkers?, is this more pseudoscience? I also decline to use any cellphone. (And there is a difference in meaning between ’decline’, ’refuse’, and ’choose’.)

    Additionally, as an advocate of Terrain Theory (initially from own experience) i knew that all this virus guff was faked from the beginning (it was being primed at least as in early 2018, i can supply evidence of this), it being part of the WEF transhumanist agenda (and Ardern is an ”alumni” here) of which is a public secret: therefore, ergo, there are *no* bio-markers for immunity to something that doesn‘t even exist because has never been proven to exist (no virus has ever been isolated, using the correct meaning of the word ’isolation’, let alone fulfilled Koch’s postulates)—and thus there is no gain of function either (this is a psyop to cause more fear).

    Moreover, it seems to me a further way of dividing folks based on false premisses (unlike my being of the species Urva sibirica 😉 ): One needs to investigate whom is behind this project…behind the curtain.

    1. Thanks for the input. It occurred to me also that the system is divisive based on “categories of risk”.
      I know who is behind this project. Wouldn’t publish if I didn’t. Won’t disclose names for privacy reasons, but it isn’t anything nefarious. (And no it isn’t me!).
      I don’t own a cellphone either BTW

      1. I wouldn‘t trust them whether i knew them or not. And don‘t forget those pushing for ”the availability of rapid antigen testing”…which is another tyranny of falsity: still doing the bidding…still pushing the evil agenda…there is no disease, only the mass hypnosis of fear, the true is made false and the false is made true.

        I have lived my life trying to protect others from Snakes. 🙂

        1. I wouldn’t go there either SM. I don’t like the whole vax certificate thing. In any shape or form.At the same time I’m happy to bring awareness to all alternatives so intelligent folk can make up their own minds.
          Thanks again for the input.

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