GREAT NEWS! Victories For Freedom in Japan and US! Mandates Over!

Japan drops mandates and Supreme court win in the US. Celebrate these wins, share the news and bring HOPE to NZ and Australia! MH

Freedom day Vaccine Mandates


By The Remnant News Paper | Press Release

First, Japan’s health ministry acknowledged the growing rate of heart inflammation among the vaccinated population. Then Japan’s public and private sectors were alerted to the fact and forbidden to discriminate against those who refuse the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, Japan has made it clear that “informed consent” is required to receive the vaccine. Japan now insists the vaccine labels warn of dangerous potential side effects such as myocarditis.



In a significant decision just released, the US Supreme Court has blocked President Joe Biden’s rule requiring workers at large companies to be vaccinated or masked and tested weekly. However, the more limited vaccine mandate could stand for staff at government-funded healthcare facilities.

Note that the US mandate was already less stringent than ours. NZ’s government only allows for double vaccinations, and doesn’t have the weekly testing option! Yet the more flexible US version still got struck down. The majority decision (6-3) said:

‘[The mandate] draws no distinctions based on industry or risk of exposure to COVID–19. Thus, most lifeguards and linemen face the same regulations as do medics and meatpackers… This is no ‘everyday exercise of federal power’ … It is instead a significant encroachment into the lives—and health—of a vast number of employees. ‘Although COVID– 19 is a risk that occurs in many workplaces, it is not an occupational hazard in most. COVID–19 can and does spread at home, in schools, during sporting events, and everywhere else that people gather… That kind of universal risk is no different from the day-to-day dangers that all face from crime, air pollution, or any number of communicable diseases. ‘OSHA’s indiscriminate approach fails to account for this crucial distinction— between occupational risk and risk more generally—and accordingly the mandate takes on the character of a general public health measure, rather than an ‘occupational safety or health standard.” (our emphasis added)
Companies, businesses, sports clubs, schools and workplaces in New Zealand should be calling on the Government to ditch the divisive ‘no jab no job’ policy and allow for the use of COVID rapid antigen testing as an alternative for unvaccinated kiwis to access workplaces.

[PS: You can be forgiven if you hadn’t heard about this significant decision. From what we can see, it was reported by just two of the main NZ media outlets, and was ignored by both 6pm news bulletins! Does that surprise you?]

Source: Don’t Divide Us

From Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire:

“Hey gang

Earlier this afternoon, the Supreme Court handed The Daily Wire a tremendous victory in our legal battle against Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate. 

In case you haven’t heard, the highest court in the land has officially BLOCKED this garbage policy from going into effect, declaring it a “a significant encroachment into the lives—and health—of a vast number of employees.”

Our freedoms have been under assault like never before these past two years, and today we stood up and said, ENOUGH. And we won.

Today’s victory shows what happens when conservatives band together and fight like hell. 

And I hope today’s ruling encourages you to keep fighting for the country you and I love. Because as we enter 2022, one thing is clear: there will be many, MANY more fights to come.”

Martin comments: We WILL win this. The Mainstream Media cannot hide this forever. Share, share. share. Spread the news and build momentum. Time to bring these Vaccine Mandates to an end.


(Ardern at 5:10)

Action taking place in Auckland today 15/1/22:

Freedoms and Rights Coalition Auckland Events This Weekend 15 Jan 2022 – Uncensored Publications Limited

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