Joint Media Statement From Combined Protestors on Parliament Grounds

Convoy 2022 NZ
Freedom Alliance
New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
Outdoors & Freedom Movement
The Freedom and Rights Coalition
Voices for Freedom.


“The Police’s public messaging over the past few days could not be more clear. Other than some inconveniences the protest has caused, Police have confirmed protestors are not doing anything to warrant the use of force. They have also acknowledged that the protest is largely peaceful and that measures such as seizing vehicles run a high risk of people getting hurt.

“We are working with the Police in a mutually cooperative manner to ensure everyone’s safety and right to peaceful protest.  This was particularly important over the past two days as numbers attending Parliament Grounds protest naturally swell over the weekend. 

“It is vital that we maintain a respectful and open dialogue with the Police as we are all in unchartered territories.  At all costs, we must avoid the situation at Parliament Grounds last week, which saw 122 people arrested and many more hurt.

“Despite formally requesting a meeting over a week ago, and then us putting forward a highly skilled mediator five days ago, the Government still refuses to engage with us.”

Labour and the Greens aren’t the only targets of the protestors’ frustration.

Despite the protesters having the sympathy of other members of parliament, it is astounding that not one MP has yet found the courage to speak out publicly and fulfil their duties to the New Zealanders they are elected to represent.

“Friday’s Horizon poll exclusively sought by Stuff revealing that 30 per cent of New Zealanders support the protestors should have been a wake-up call to the National Party in particular. That amounts to more than 1.2 million of the voting public (or 1 in 3). We have always known the whole ‘team of 5 million’ was purely PR spin, and this poll proved that once and for all.

“But if National thinks they’re going to mop up the votes when Labour eventually implodes, they are delusional.

“Luxon’s strong support for mandates, and unnecessary vaccination of healthy children, will be remembered at the next election. As far as the million-plus voters that we now know support the protestors are concerned, he has blood on his hands as much as Ardern for our nation’s current situation.

“At this point, it is hard to find a New Zealander unaffected by the mandates. Most of us know someone who’s lost their job or business.  We see friends and family affected by declining mental health and even suicide. After being banned from playing sports, kids are in tears and miss everyday activities with friends. The mandates have touched everyone, and every person driven to stand at Parliament Grounds is there because their wide-scale worsening misery still goes unheard.

“In any normal situation like this, the Opposition would read the room and pivot. But by joining the cross-party agreement to not engage with the protestors, they have shown themselves to be gutless and incapable of representing the interests and concerns of the New Zealand public.

“In line with the government’s request, over the past few days, we have removed the cars blocking Molesworth Street at least three times to facilitate access for emergency services and servicing of portaloos, only to have protesters ignore the request and expand back into the laneway.

“Everyone arriving here quickly learns the protest is simply a collection of individuals. There is no leader, and while there are multiple pre-existing groups concerned about mandates and vaccines alike, we suspect that 25% of the people present on site do not identify with any group.

“We remain concerned that parliament’s cross-party ultimatum to ‘clear all the streets, or we won’t engage with you’ was a deliberate deflection tactic. Even the Police acknowledge the outcome will be impossible to achieve.

So, where does this leave the protest? We’re increasingly of the view that the government has childishly dug itself a hole and isn’t prepared to lose face to climb out of it. Despite knowing the outcome is impossible to achieve, the ultimatum over vehicle parking is not dissimilar to a top-down command issued by a parent to a child. The puerile behaviour exhibited by Mallard last week was such that, had the protestors been animals, he would have been charged with cruelty. It was enough to draw support for the protesters from the large Groundswell farmers’ group, which had previously been no fan of vaccine protests.

“It beggars belief that the person leading our government preaches for us to ‘be kind’.

“Despite initial worries about chaos from thousands of people converging on Parliament Grounds this weekend, at time of writing, the protest has been largely peaceful. But it could also have gone the other way altogether. Unacceptably, the government was happy to take that risk, disregarding public safety obligations. Many protestors naturally remain outraged over the serious questions about the legality of the mass arrests last week. The mood of many highly disaffected protestors would improve dramatically were the Police to agree to drop all charges.

“We’ve provided a highly qualified, experienced, neutral party to mediate. It is unprecedented for the government to refuse to meet with such a large protest group and treat them with such contempt. Their failure is highlighted further by the fact the government in the past has met with gangs.

“During the past week, there has been cooperation between various group representatives to establish systems and processes involving security, food, messaging, the Police and media liaison.

“We are naturally concerned about the impact on Wellington residents. However, we urge them to consider the tens of thousands of New Zealanders affected by the mandates.

“We repeat: Most of us know someone who’s lost their job or business.  We see friends and family affected by declining mental health and even suicide. After being banned from playing sports, kids are in tears and miss everyday activities with friends. The mandates have touched everyone, and every person driven to stand at Parliament Grounds is there because their misery still goes unheard.

“We remain committed to speaking with senior government members to open dialogue about the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act and lifting of all mandates so that people can return to work and society.

Mandates are ineffective, unnecessary, and an unacceptable curtailment of fundamental human rights. Freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of right of movement, freedom from unlawful discrimination, and freedom to manifestation of belief name only a few of the rights currently breached.”

This communication summarises the agreed position of groups representing the majority people at Parliament:

Convoy 2022 NZ
Freedom Alliance
New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
Outdoors & Freedom Movement
The Freedom and Rights Coalition
Voices for Freedom.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

11 thoughts on “Joint Media Statement From Combined Protestors on Parliament Grounds

  1. Well, all of this is new to me…
    I was never actively involved in any protests ever before, but always try to have a broad open mind. Over the years, I have always put my few cents worth of comments towards different kinds of media,institutions, organisations etc. Especially where I felt things aren’t right or could be changed for the better. Let it be in writing or in words. Mind you at those times we still had a reasonable quality & amount of journalism, that was allowed to represent some form of Freedom of Speech.
    Today, there aren’t many, even like yourself and/or on behalf of Jon & Katherine left, that are still ” allowed ” to print, keep printing & broadcasting the actual facts without personal life threatening attacks.
    What do I think about Winston amid protesters?
    Well it’s great. It’s a start…
    But why now & not much earlier? Has he managed to save his sheep from the sinking ship or maybe he hasn’t got anything left to loose?
    Is Nueremberg 2 getting a bit too hot for some people up there, so they want to quickly change around & “become a saviour”? Yeah, right. Too late.
    Why would he act differently to the other MP’s, maybe he has always been more courageous & outspoken than other MP’s.
    Controlled opposition? Could be. Nothing in politics is accidental! Maybe to test us how easy we may be willing to give too quickly..
    Personally I think, he would make a really great stand & start to change things in a bigger scale, if he would stand on parliament grounds, facing the “Beehive” with the protesting supporters next to him, alongside the resigned police officers, military personel etc. & would read out an open letter to the entire government about the current failed situation, the changes we need to have, to regain back our live that was +/- before 2019.
    But that may result in becoming uncontrolled??
    I have never followed any politicians in my entire life.
    Personally I think they are just a bunch of (pretending to be) adults arguing within a childcare centre.

    On the other side, I guess that’s how you are, when you are part of the Left Hand Path. A world of their own, far from being humans.

  2. Hm, I was just wondering..who is Richard?… A man of few words? …
    A bit of a few lines of a personal-typed-down-opinion may make this “Leave a reply” section more intersting for further debate..well, that’s my thought on this section.

    1. Who is Marion? Who is anyone who comments here?
      I don’t know all my correspondents personally Marion! Richard comments regularly here and his details are as private as yours.
      Some people write lengthy responses and some don’t. Sometimes a few words are all that’s needed.
      I’m a natural writer/blogger so I tend to write epic length responses, as you do:)

  3. So as the government is still unable to talk and/or take responsibility, they can only cowardly action with least 50 police officers surrounding ONE car to get moved. Another 20x on standby in front of the exit behind the WASPNEST & another 10x down the line. For a few cars not meant to be parked on a certain stretch of road, NOT blocking any traffic AT ALL!!.This amount of cops related to ONE car ONLY. The owner has said,they lost the keys & were trying to find them. One officer said ok,but regardless, they moved in 80 odd cops, not wearing their true uniform. The towtruck was called, the towie was on the back of the truck & 2 officers were in the cab. The owner had to destroy his lock to move the car further down by 10m.The tow truck left & so the 80 cops….
    In the camp: no one harrases you, no one insults you, everything is peaceful, kids are playing, people are socialising, singing, food is there for everyone, plants are getting planted,cars tooting driving by to support the protesters staying within the waspnest area….Pinoccio’s nose is growing further…
    Big stone blocks got dropped by the police at 3 am in the morning of Monday to block the entrance/exit roads where protesters have pitched their tents, trucks & cars in the designated area around the Beehive & nowhere else. NO disruption of traffic, no harrasments!!! It’s now the government which literally now blocked the roads & are guarding them. Food supply has to be carried in.Toilet blocks cannot be cleaned or exchanged anymore… everyone in central Wellington walks around & nearly runs you over as they don’t even know anymore where right or left is on the footpath……90% with their nappies in their faces, BLIND…ghee folks, wake up!

    1. Forgot one thing!
      To all the brave fighters & campers out there! Please keep holding the lines!!! We/Us is all we have (left) to change and/or win!
      Thank you with repect!

      1. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the campers out there, I do feel sorry for them when the few nutters inevitably get all the media attention.
        I’m extremely disappointed in Chris Luxon. What a missed opportunity to win the hearts and votes. How can he possibly tar all protestors with same brush AND all without seeing it firsthand.

        1. Sorry,Martin,but there is actually NOONE in parliament who dares to speak & act differently as they are all part of the current RESET.
          Hence the protest is not ONLY about the “Kill Shot”, but also about Agenda 2021 & 2030. We people cannot even procede with a “normal” citizen arrest about a MP or Minister of “whoever” without being arrested by the police,when we want to serve the papers to the actual person or to the police. Unless the police is willing to take a TRUE stand on which side they want to keep standing for, we are (just like now, in this current situation) in the (lost)hands of them & our corrupt government & the rest of the world elite. 95% of people watch ( or act like ) the 6 o’clock news. If this is their true source of info…well, our government with their $100mill. of bribed MSM news reporters have done & sealed their deal. NO MSM journalist was/is allowed by our government to go on the parliament grounds to report what is actually happening or even speak to the “protesters”. AND report unscensored news!!! Or had to stay put on top of the waspnest’s balcony. And even if so…when they turned up…they only did so, just before the 6o’clock news….or during an out of hand scene or a lie orchestrated by trolls, so it looked like it came from the protestors. Just like most “disruptions”/police actions,which were deliberately carried out.
          At 3am in the morning,a non-MSM reporter was severely harmed by the police when they dropped off the roadblocks days ago. Just like on our sad Thursday, when NZ lost it’s democracy to the brutality of the police actions….
          2 days ago, there were 120cops with 12 cops holding a shield for numerous hours to “protect’ he action of a foreclift operation to take the 19 pallets away from under the blocks,that got dropped at 3 am in the morning days ago….. Just so,noone can possibly move the blocks at all,avoiding further cars/trucks to enter the grounds.Those blocks would weigh tons……Another 100x surrounding ONE car, see the comment above….etc.etc..
          Leaves great opportunities for further crimes elsewhere without getting caught, doesn’t it…
          2x exit ares are left, guarded by a police car, but only for you to leave or maintenance staff to enter….Anyone ever thought, what happpens in case of a disaster? The police has now DELIBERATELY BLOCKED the streets around the nest..double standards??? What a farce…& even then….most of the times of their actions they don’t even wear the true presentation of their uniforms….
          Police officers in tears during the brutality against their own people, police officers which have resigned during these actions…police officers & military staff taking this government to court…
          Is that NZ’s government at it’s best, how to react to a FAILURE? And too cowardly to admit, that they lost! Lost the support of a nation of true Kiwis.

          1. Yeah I know what the cops are up to. Blocking entry to portaloo trucks so the wasta can’t be emptied, then the MSM will report the protestors as dirty. Testing everyone they arrest and probably infecting them with omicron in the process. All the dirty tricks. “there is actually NOONE in parliament who dares to speak & act differently as they are all part of the current RESET.” you say. So what do you say about Winston Peters? Amid the protestors and unmasked? I don’t know, just asking your thoughts. Controlled opposition or what?
            BTW I hear that at least nine officers handed in their uniforms recently refusing to participate in the tyranny.

    2. Same response I gave to Richard: The propaganda and lies coming from the MSM Tv news and papers is disgusting. And have extended family who believe every word of it. Of course I set them straight but I’m getting worn down having to constantly set the record straight.

    1. So much bullshit from the MSM we’ve got to present the facts best we can. I had the misfortune to see The Project on the TV in the cafeteria at work and I was appalled. Clearly these people have no scruples and no conscience. Blatant pro-government propaganda and msinformation.

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