The actual number of COVID-19 deaths revealed as Government changes ‘reporting approach’


Flicking through my MSN newsfeed this morning, this quietly worded announcement caught my attention. MH

This is presumably from the daily Podium Of Truth announcements which I gave up watching last year.

Dr Bloomfield said on Thursday the Ministry of Health would from now on report COVID-related deaths in three categories to provide more clarity about the impact of the coronavirus in New Zealand. 

“I’d like to explain some changes to our reporting of COVID-related deaths. From today we will be moving to a new reporting approach. We will automatically report all who die within 28 days of testing positive for COVID-19,” Dr Bloomfield said in Wellington. 

“This is the approach that’s used by the UK and many other countries and is the one that we will and have used for our official reporting to the World Health Organisation.”

Reported COVID-related deaths will now be split into those clearly caused by COVID-19, those who died with COVID-19 but for whom the virus was not the cause of death, and those with COVID whose cause of death is still under investigation.

  • The number of people for whom it is clear COVID-19 was the cause of death is 34
  • The number of people who had or were subsequently found to have COVID-19 when they died but their cause of death was clearly not COVID-related is two
  • The number of people who had COVID-19 but whose cause of death is still under investigation is 48

Dr Bloomfield also revealed nine additional deaths of people who have died within 28 days of a COVID diagnosis that hadn’t yet been publicly announced. 

“The main reason for this is these are people who might have died in an aged residential care facility and a GP might have certified the cause of death but it wasn’t notified to our Public Health Unit.”

With one death announced in Bay of Plenty on Wednesday subsequently being found not to be COVID-19 related, the total number of deaths publicly reported to date is 91.

The Ministry of Health reported nine deaths on Thursday, one at North Shore Hospital on Wednesday. The remaining eight all died in the past fortnight: four in late February and four in March.

Seven of the deaths were in Auckland and one in Waikato. One was in their 60s; three in their 70s; two in their 80s; one in their 90s and one over 100 years of age…continues.

The actual number of COVID-19 deaths revealed as Government changes ‘reporting approach’ (

All of this is a far cry from Michael Plank and Rod Jackson’s frenzied outbursts on Mainstream Media with predictions of mountains of corpses piled up.

Meanwhile, Ardern wishes to keep us “Red Lighted” throughout the Influenza season. I doubt that will go down well, to put it mildly.


“The impact of the changes is immediate and sobering.

The number of people for whom it is clear COVID-19 was the cause of death is 34.

Which immediately halves New Zealand’s supposed toll of “covid deaths”, as counted by the CDC and the WHO.

Hospitalisations have similarly been over-exaggerated.

Of the official 742 COVID-related hospitalisations reported on Wednesday, it’s possible that only about 556 – or 75 percent – are actually seeking treatment for the virus, based on trends in Auckland.

“It’s possible.” This isn’t hard data, then: it’s Bloomer’s “I Just Reckon”.”

Full article at The BFD: The BFD | Just like That, COVID Deaths Plummet

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  1. The rest of the world is finanally starting to end all this Covid-nonsense for whatever reason they base their “facts” on & our govenment still keeps us imprisoned…There is a time for everything & everyone when one should realise, that “IT’S GAME OVER”!!

    Brussels/Geneva -ACI EUROPE (Airports Council International) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) called for all remaining COVID restrictions applying to intra-EU and Schengen area travel to be dropped, including all testing requirements, the need to present proof of vaccination, or complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF). This includes dropping mask-wearing for travel within or between States where it is no longer required in other indoor environments…..

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