Pavlov’s Dog: Contact Tracing and Classical Conditioning.

Long after the New Zealand Covid Contact Tracing system ceased to be a functioning entity, a hardcore of “scanners” continue to use the system with fanatical dedication. Why? The answer may lie in Classical Conditioning. The question is, what are they being conditioned for?

A couple of weeks ago the author’s youngsters and their eternally growing feet were in need of new shoes. A local footwear retailer had online advertising screaming red-hot clearance deals, so we went down to the mall (shudder) and walked into the aforementioned store. Strangely, the shop was empty, apart from a chirpy young assistant who greeted us cheerily. “Hi guys!”. We waved back “Hi there, we’ve come to buy shoes for the kids” I responded, wallet in hand. “I noticed you guys didn’t scan in” she responded gleefully. “Can you please head back outside and scan in at the door?”. I scowled. “you do realise the Contact tracing system is no longer operational?”. “Oh, well, we require you to sca...” we didn’t wait to hear the rest. Another retailer who valued our cash more than our scanning abilities got our custom.

Since that experience, I have continued to observe how many people still, even today, religiously and tenaciously cling to the ritual of holding their cellular telephone thingie up the poster with the funny square-dot picture until they get the desired result. Whatever that may be. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never owned a cellphone and never scanned into anywhere ever.

It appears to the author that there are three distinct groups out there currently in NZ when it comes to Contact Tracing.

There are those like myself who never played the game. Then there’s group two who dutifully scanned in until either A-the novelty wore off or B-they were paying attention and stopped when the system was declared non-functional.

550 contact tracers wake up to no work (

Vaccine passes and Covid-19 contact tracing becoming irrelevant, could be scrapped |

But it is the third group that fascinates me. The habitual scanners. Just today I watched one poor fellow struggling with his phone app for several minutes trying to get the coveted success indication.

It appears to me that these poor folk are just like Pavlov’s dogs.

“Pavlov’s famous Classical Conditioning experiments became one of the first learning theories and contributed to the notion of psychology as an objective science. In being a physiologist, not a psychologist (he was very emphatic about this), Pavlov sought a scientific explanation of why dogs’ will start salivating before they have seen food. It was found that almost any stimulus could have the same effect of salivation if paired with the presentation of the original stimulus often enough. It was this discovery gave Pavlov the Nobel Prize in 1904. This theory may seem complicated, but dont worry – it will become clear.

For the sake of quality understanding, we will look at Pavlov’s famous original experiments with dogs. Pavlov noticed that sight alone of the dog’s handler was enough to make the dog salivate.

To establish if there can be salivation with the pairing of a stimulus, Pavlov decided to use the bell as the Conditioned Stimulus, so-called because it was being paired with Food (US) to elicit salivation. Pavlov rang the bell, then fed the dogs’. After doing this repeatedly, the pairing of food and bell eventually established the dog’s Conditioned Response of salivating to the sound of the bell. After repeatedly doing this pairing, Pavlov removed the food and when ringing this bell the dog would salivate. The key is that the food and bell have to be paired often enough, so that the dog could learn to associate the bell with food. SOURCE

The habitual “scanners” extant in society today are proof positive that Classical Conditioning works for human beings as well as canines. Just as Pavlov removed the food and the dogs continued to salivate, so the government has removed the Contact Tracing System and yet a significant segment of the population continue to act out the pantomime pointlessly.

Record keeping and contact tracing | Unite against COVID-19

What will they do, one wonders, when the QR codes are finally taken down? One can picture hordes of lost souls waving their cellphones at shop windows in abject futility.

All is not lost though, as unlike Pavlov’s 100% conditioned dogs, a large slice of the proletariat have proven resistant to the conditioning.

Could it be that someone, somewhere, is watching and taking notes? Perhaps the continuing scans are still being logged as a statistic to see if something as ominous as a Social Credit system would catch on here? Exactly what percentage of the population have become conditioned Scanners?

In China’s metropolises, QR scanning and tracing has been commonplace since well before COVID. It is surely only a matter of time before it’s actively promoted elsewhere. The author suspects that permanent, and probably compulsory, track and trace technology is the ultimate goal, and the pandemic was the excuse to test it. Let’s hope enough of us resisted to make them rethink their plans.

Martin Harris
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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

13 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Dog: Contact Tracing and Classical Conditioning.

  1. Martin, I was wondering, if this website system censores comments. I wrote a comment the other day under this header, where I mentioned 2 businesses by name, as one of them started talking about the police. My comment didn’t get held for reviewing, it disappeared straight away. I posted it twice.

    1. If you are a regular commenter your posted comments should go through straight away and I just review them and respond if and when I can.
      New commenters or comments that contain material that needs reviewing go into moderation where I can approve them.
      Any comment I deem unsuitable for publication, I generally contact the commenter and explain the reason their comment didn’t get posted.
      Obvious trollers or spammers get trashed (although I’ll make an example of an occasional troll as a warning to others that I don’t take any sh#t).
      I can only think that if you mentioned a business by name it would have automatically been deleted as spam. Certainly never saw it myself Marion.
      Best to just say “a certain business” or something similar and see if the comment goes through?

  2. Upon the news from this Saturday, I couldn’t feel “cheerful”. We all know they give you a little, only to take back more.
    I never ever voted for any political parties in my life & those I wanted have all been silenced by our governement now.
    There are new movements on the way. I hope they will grow big enough to overthrow our entire corrupt system. Our hope & trust needs to be restored, so we can rebuilt a new nation.

    1. You’ll resonate with the blog I’m writing then Marion. I don’t feel the sense of victory I ought to either.
      I’ll expand on this in the blog 🙂

  3. I never have scanned in once! I think its just another form of the government trying to trace our every move. I would pretend to scan in at times, when the security officer outside the supermarket would look at me sideways if i didnt. I also have a fake vaccination pass as well, so i would be going to all the places the unvaccinated were not allowed to go. What i find hilarious is that the vaccinated passes will end on June the 1st, so they’l need to keep getting vaccinated every 6 months, just to go into restraunts, gyms, cafes etc. Most i know that have been double vaxed, do not want the BOOSTER, cause they are already suffering from the first dosage of this bio weapon, so they are going to be like the unvaccinated, no pass and no entry.

    1. Hold strong Dan, we’ve won this battle, it’s only a matter of time before the whole charade is dispensed with. And it will more likely than not be well before the planned “sunset” of June 1. Although Ardern will never admit it, she’d had to bow to public pressure. Big pat on the back to everyone who’s actively protested in some way 🙂
      Can’t say that I would ever use a fake pass though as that’s playing the game by proxy. I have however dined at a :Vax pass only” food court and risked being spot-checked, but I never was.
      Derek Tait told me he did the same thing, but he was rcognised and no less than 8 police officers came to remove him! Ring the b’stards to say you’re being burgled and they won’t get off their arses; tell them someone is dining without their papers and the whole station turns out in force!

      1. Hey Martin, whats your view on the mandates being dropped on April the 4th? I think it sounds too good to be true!

        1. I will compose a full blog giving my personal perspective and opinion very shortly Dan. Watch out for it tomorrow.

      2. Not too sure if they are meaning the mandates or it could be just meaning no more vaccine passes?? I would think they are very similar. Still, sounds too good to be true! We all know Adern is a LIAR.

        1. At this stage it’s Vax passes and gathering limits that are affected. The mandates go hand in hand with this. Mask mandates however, remain for now. Several factors resulted in the dropping of vax passes. Public pressure (polls, protest action). Legal challenges (once the defence and police mandates were declared illegal by High court, the remainder are only a matter of time) and of course the warning to the government that an even larger legal challenge, the largest Class Action in NZ history as promoted by Freedoms and Rights Coalition, would follow if mandates weren’t dropped. Final nail in the coffin of course was the government decision to open up the borders, which practically necessitates removal of the passes if we want tourists to be able to access anything.
          As I noted in my other reply to you, there is a blog coming shortly.
          I view the vax pass and scanning ultimately as a test. How much will we accept before the pushback kicks into high gear, and how well will a CCP style Social Credit system work.

  4. A wife asked her husband: “Why do you still scan the code by the door, you know the system has ceased?!” Reply:” Don’t know, I guess it’s just a habit….”
    Just as many people have switched off their brains, when swimming in the sea – wearing a mask, exercising outside – wearing a mask, inside of a car – wearing a mask, worst of all: little kids alongside their parents having to wear a mask & school kids after all day at school, walking home – still wearing a mask….
    But most of lost brain cells to be found: riding a motorbike – wearing a mask, but not wearing a helmet…

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