We deserved to know: Myocarditis and vaccine effectiveness

Hindsight has finally arrived, and while still very murky, the fog of Covid is beginning to clear.

Etana Hecht
Sun, 10 Apr 2022

As a flood of Pfizer documents is released from the FDA, we’ll learn in more detail how 2021 unfolded, who knew what when, and how harmful the vaccines actually are.

The DailyClout/WarRoom Pfizer Document Review team of analysts from medical, statistics, pharmaceutical research, and medical fraud backgrounds, organized by Dr Naomi Wolf, Project Manager Amy Kelly, and the team at DailyClout are studying the documents and sharing their findings with the public as quickly and accurately as possible. There will be a full interim report released in the coming weeks, and they’re also managing to publicize important pieces of information as they emerge. It seems that Pfizer has a recurring theme of keeping highly relevant data to themselves, only to reluctantly publicize it months later. As a quick reminder, they also colluded with the FDA in a failed attempt to continue to conceal this data for our lifetimes.

Known Myocarditis Risk

Dr. Chris Flowers MBBS, FRCR, FSBI is a retired Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of South Florida. He was previously an Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California, San Francisco. He is also a retired academic cancer radiologist, author, and scientific paper reviewer for multiple radiology journals.

On April 7, Dr. Chris Flowers published a post on DailyClout with an educated assumption that the FDA was aware of the risk of myocarditis far earlier than they publicized. The timeline is as follows:

May 10, 2021: The FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization approval for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for ages 12 and over. That EUA made no mention of the risks of myocarditis in young men.

June 2021:ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) published a report regarding the risks of myocarditis, and concluded that for all ages the benefits of receiving the Covid vaccine outweigh the risk of myocarditis.

August 2021:The FDA put out a press release that included myocarditis as a known side effect of the vaccine and updated the datasheet with a warning.

Theory: Dr Flowers’ hypothesis that the FDA knew before Aug 2021; I am reporting his hypothesis that the FDA must have been aware of the emerging myocarditis signal at the time the EUA was issued in May, yet made no mention of it. That theory comes from the fact that the June 2021 report was based on studies that would have been already internally published by May 2021, and available for the FDA to review.

If they were aware of the myocarditis signal in May 2021, yet authorized millions of young men to get the vaccine without mentioning it as a risk at the time, they’re guilty of yet another example of failing to give proper informed consent.

Known Vaccine Ineffectiveness

Vicki Goldstein, RN, JD, and the DailyClout team have discovered another example of deceit by Pfizer.

Dec 2020-Feb 2021:Internal Pfizer documents clearly indicate a degree of vaccine ineffectiveness and vaccine failure.

Example 1: Their own report shows 16 cases of vaccine failure, and on the same page fails to detect new safety signals for lack of efficacy.

missing information

Example 2: In the report for Adverse Events of Special Interest for the Pfizer vaccine, there were 3067 cases of Covid-19 reported as an adverse event.

aesi evaluation

September 17,2021:In an FDA advisory meeting, studies were presented that showed a decline in the efficacy of the vaccines.

March 29, 2022:The FDA authorized a 2nd booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine for older and immunocompromised individuals.

All we heard throughout 2021 was how the vaccines were “safe and effective”. Neither is true and yet somehow the vaccines are continuously being pushed by the FDA and Co, while the tremors of an earthquake caused by their own lies rumble under the surface.

Dr. Wolf and her team put out a call to journalists everywhere to dig into the publicly available data that tells the story of the biggest scandal humanity has ever experienced:

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  1. Here is another link:
    The FDA is now producing Pfizer’s Covid vaccine data. Download all the documents and read them for yourself, at icandecide.org/pfizer/ now!
    Not sure if this is a double up from your post.

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