More hypocrisy, contradictions and thinly veiled police-state rantings from the Red Queen herself, Jacinda Ardern, Prime-Minister-in-exile of New Zealand. MEME THE LEFT186K subscribers ## BIDEN ACTUALLY ADMITTED THIS: ## MEMES OF THE DAY – LEFTY NIMBY EDITION: ## BUMBLING BIDEN LITERALLY ASKED FOR THIS: ## WHEN YOU […]

Truth bomb incoming. Brace yourselves…”Risks from the vaccine outweigh the benefits” Who would have thought it..? Writing in the peer-reviewed Journal of Insulin Resistance, one of the UK’s most eminent Consultant Cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who was one of the first to take two doses of the vaccine and promote […]

I suggest you have a bucket handy while listening to Ardern deliver her vile monologue. Anyone involved in the Freedom/ anti mandate protest movement should be feeling a burning anger at the gall of this woman. The rest of the speech might well have been composed by Klaus Schwab. And […]

Sean Plunket interviews Petousis Harris on the rollout of the injection including possible adverse events in terms of warning the public. From Pam Vernon Q … “Do you think the new risk [of Myocarditis] was adequately conveyed to the public and to medical practitioners who were administering the vaccine?” […]

Is this explosive alleged RAND document on the “suiciding” of Germany real or a hoax? Read the article, view the PDF in the link and form your own conclusions. MH by David Chu for the Saker blog Well that’s the real question, isn’t it? Why? The how and the who […]