Space Force Part Two: Transmedium Vehicles and the Inertial Mass Reduction Device

“Utilizing the INERTIAL MASS REDUCTION DEVICE our United States Warfighters will achieve Battlefield Supremacy Against all foes” Department of Defense/Department of Navy, case PAX 205

by Martin Harris 7/7/23

A bold and grandiose statement from a recently declassified proposal for a radical new device. But what is this Inertial Mass Reduction Device? Let’s take a trip back in time…

Rendlesham Forest and the Cash-Landrum Incident

Two classic UFO encounters from 1980 may have a connection, both to each other and to the development of the “Mass Reduction Device” in the opening quote.

The Rendlesham forest case is often referred to as “Britain’s Roswell”.

The forest in question is located in an interesting neck of the woods, both literally and figuratively.

On one side is the infamous Porton Downs biolab, on the other, the closest thing the UK had to Area 51. Orford Ness was home to the development of Radar, and subsequently to clandestine nuclear research, electromagnetic energy projects, and a rumored “death ray”.

Much to the amusement of local garages, visitors to the area would occasionally find their car coming to a dead stop, the battery drained and lifeless. “You’ve been past that secret base, haven’t you?” would be the frequent remark.

Right in the middle of all this is Rendlesham Forest. Today a popular tourist trail and UFO buff’s pilgrimage site dominates, complete with a replica of a small, angular vehicle that is alleged to have been witnessed there in dramatic circumstances on the night of December 28th, 1980.

At that time, a USAF-operated airbase, Bentwaters, was situated right on the doorstep of Rendlesham Forest. Two of the resident airmen, Penniston and Burroughs, went to the forest to investigate a suspected crash of a light aircraft among the trees.

As they got closer, it became apparent that whatever came down there was still functional. It was like no aircraft the witnesses had ever seen before. A bank of blue lights surmounted by a blinking red light moved slowly among the trees before settling to the ground.

As the two men approached, they were confronted with an automobile-sized vehicle that seemed to glow from within. Beneath the angular body it rested on three pods.

The bolder of the two witnesses, John Burroughs, approached to within touching distance of the craft and reported strange effects in the local atmosphere, as if time and space were distorted. He recalled strange symbols embossed into the skin of the machine.

After a brief touchdown, the device rose up, once again moving around the forest, before shooting upwards and away into the night sky.

Astonishingly, this encounter would be followed by another UFO event the next night. This time the base commander, Halt, would accompany military personnel as they chased a red, blinking object through the trees. Amazingly, the whole encounter was audiotaped and later released to the public along within an official report, the famous “Halt memo” (neither so much “released” as wrested from the hands of official denial by persistent researchers).

Later it would be claimed, with some justification, that this was nothing more than the light of the Orford Ness lighthouse distorted by the cold, foggy winter night.

Other witnesses would come forward with sensational claims about encounters with aliens and spectacular light-shows with a variety of unidentified objects. What occurred on the first night was soon muddied, confused and eclipsed by the events of the second night, events that had several evolving versions, each more sensational and unverifiable than the last.

Naturally, the hordes of debunkers that gravitated to the story focused almost entirely on the second night’s events. The site of the first night’s landing was deliberately obscured by a false trail that led to rabbit diggings and other false landing signs.

Astoundingly, one of the two primary witnesses would, much later, receive compensation for health issues that he claimed were caused by his UFO encounter. This indicates not only that the authorities consider the event to have been a real experience, but that they surely accept responsibility for it:

“…US airman John Burroughs secured the settlement after years of trying to prove his ill-health was caused by the encounter in Rendlesham Forest.

A former Ministry of Defence (MoD) official said the payout confirms what he saw was real and had caused him physical harm.

Mr Burroughs put forward a declassified report as evidence he had been injured during the event on Boxing Day 1980…

In fighting his case, Mr Burroughs used a declassified study code-named Project Condign, in which Rendlesham is described as an event where it “might be postulated that several observers were probably exposed to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) radiation.”

Mr Frascogna said: “Condign specifically mentions the incident and how radiation from unidentified aerial phenomena could cause injury.

“John was able to furnish that document, and another dating back to the incident, when a radiation reading found levels to be significantly higher than normal.”…READ MORE

Interesting that the Project Condign report is mentioned here, as that same report features a famous “flying triangle” image on its cover (see image further down).

However, two days later, on the 30th December 1980, in the Texas in the US, another famous Close Encounter would leave the victims denied compensation despite their obvious horrific and apparently radiation-related injuries. despite both primary and secondary witnesses reporting a fleet of military helicopters pursuing (or escorting?) the device, no branch of the US military would admit responsibility.

The faceted object witnessed by Betty Cash and Vicky and young Colby Landrum, while not matching exactly the craft reported by Burroughs and Penniston at Rendlesham, has some notable similarities that are worth highlighting considering the close timing of the two events.

-Both devices had a peaked, angular and faceted outline.

-Both objects had a bank of blue lights across the widest part of the body.

-Both also appeared to be suffering technical difficulties, either landing or coming close to the ground, periodically rising and falling, and both objects apparently recovering and departing the scene of the encounter.

-both objects were associated with a military presence.

-Finally, the witnesses in both cases reported apparent radiation-related effects that resulted in long term physical injuries. In both cases ionizing radiation has been proposed as a possible explanation for the health issues. The kind of radiation associated with exposure to plasma.

The motion of electrons and ions in plasma produces its own electric and magnetic fields. Because of the totally chaotic and highly energetic state of the constituent particles of plasma, it produces its own electromagnetic radiation.

Plasmas explained — Science Learning Hub

In contrast, however, the Rendlesham encounter, while publicly acknowledged as being a real experience, seems to have been followed up with a subsequent UFO event at the same location, that has all the hallmarks of a staged setup, possibly intended to divert attention from the previous night’s encounter and cause confusion. While at Texas, the aftermath was simply the usual “deny and debunk” routine.

These two encounters, so close together in time and description, hint at a similar piece of hardware, possibly even the same object, being witnessed. What did they see? aliens or a secret prototype experiencing control issues? An aborted or botched emergency landing at Bentwaters followed by a recovery attempt in the US?

Interestingly, both Betty cash and Vicky Landrum were guests on the infamously cheesy TV special “UFO Coverup: Live” (1988) in which they were offered an explanation along these lines by a shadowy figure codenamed “Falcon”. Later this figure would be revealed to be AFOSI agent and UFO disinformation specialist Richard C. Doty. (A little-known “first” in this TV special was the first known public mention of Area 51, a year before Lazar’s expose, casually slipped into the narrative by “Falcon” and missed by almost everyone at that time).

Falcon suggested to the witnesses that what they encountered was a spacecraft obtained from aliens but piloted by human crew that suffered technical difficulties,

The relevant segment starts at 32:40

How much of Falcon/Doty’s testimony one believes is up to the reader, but in any event, the anonymously delivered admission did nothing to provide closure and compensation to the suffering witnesses.

Mystery Triangles in the 1990s

Some UFO investigators have remarked that the phenomenon seems to mimic human technology and expectations, but always one step ahead of the state of the art.

This rings true with the familiar saucer shape of the previous decades being eclipsed by the dramatic sightings of “flying triangles” throughout the 90’s and continuing into the present day. Of course, the 90s saw the public unveilling of the F117 and B2 Stealth jets that were so heavily featured in Operation desert Storm, not to mention the exposure of Area 51 at Groom Lake Nevada, where this new generation of aircraft were developed and tested, along with other secret projects and the bombshell claims of a young physicist named Robert lazar who told the world he worked on reverse engineering captured ET technology that used a form of gravitational drive which defied our efforts to replicate.

Subsequent to all this, came public sightings of vehicles reminiscent of stealth jets, yet seemed capable of hovering silently on the spot and accelerating at incredible velocity. During a phase known as “the Belgian wave”, spectacular photos were taken and featured in the aforementioned Condign report that attempted to explain these UFOs as plasma phenomena.

Above: Front cover of the UK Government’s Project Condign report, featuring the Belgian “Flying Triangle” and referencing the Rendlesham Forest encounter as a real incident, thus aiding witness John Burroughs in gaining compensation for alleged radiation-related injuries.

‘Flying Triangle’ sightings on the rise (

Transmedium Vehicles

The Navy Concluded Transmedium Flying Submersibles Were Possible A Decade Ago (

 This Article is From May 20, 2021

Leaked US Navy Video Shows Mysterious UFO Disappear Into Water

“I can confirm that the video was taken by Navy personnel,” said a spokesperson for the United States Department of Defense.

Watch: Leaked US Navy Video Shows Mysterious UFO Disappear Into Water

Leaked footage appears to show a UFO vanishing into the ocean near California.

Filmmaker and UFO enthusiast Jeremy Corbell has released footage that appears to show an unidentified flying object or a UFO disappearing into the water off California. The footage was captured by the US Navy off the coast of San Diego in July 2019, according Mr Corbell. It appears to show a dark spherical object, as seen by an infrared camera, flying over the ocean. “It splashed,” military personnel can be heard saying in the video just as the object appears to vanish into water…

On his website, Mr Corbell says the UFO appeared to be “transmedium capable” – i.e. capable of travelling through both air and water. “It is noted in intelligence reports that the ‘spherical’ craft could not be found upon entry to the water – that a submarine was used in the search – and recovered nothing,” he writes.

What’s really going on?

Flying Submarines

China is developing numerous flying submarines, referred to as ‘transmedia vessels,’ reported SCMP, citing an unnamed researcher from Northwestern Polytechnical University studying similar technology.

“They are mainly for military applications. Some can fly at supersonic speed,” the researcher told SCMP.

China views these transmedia vessels as one of the cheapest and most effective means of destroying the defense system of an aircraft carrier fleet, according to Ji Wanfeng, a professor with the Naval Aviation University in Yantai, Shandong province.

Ji and his colleagues estimate that the multilayered defense system of modern warships can shoot down around half of the incoming threats such as planes, missiles, or traditional drones. READ MORE

How China’s flying submarine drone could change the way sea battles are fought

Earlier this year, the US navy confirmed some rare footage of UFOs. Though the public interest weighed heavily on the possibility of alien spacecraft, the US military stressed the unexplained objects could be man-made.

In one video, an oval-shaped object hovered near a US warship for some time, then entered the water with a splash.

The US military said their major concern was not outer space intelligence but new weapons deployed by countries such as Russia and ChinaREAD MORE

If the above article’s conclusion is correct, this explains the UFO “Amnesty bill” that compels anyone in possession of unidentified wreckage to hand it over or face the consequences!

Conclusion thus far:

These “Transmedium vehicles” are mostly, if not entirely, human technology. The US government wants to know if other superpowers have either copied the technology or gotten ahead of the US in development/performance, and if any of it has crashed over US airspace or in their waters.

Remember the fuss over the CCP balloons? Just the tip of the iceberg.

Extraterrestrial Aliens have probably nothing to do with it, except as a cover or a diversion. Impending warfare has everything to do with it. (note this doesn’t mean there aren’t aliens, just that they are irrelevant to the agenda).

Bottom line is, one does not go to war without knowing what weapons your opponent has hidden up their sleeves.

The ET disclosure is a diversion and a smokescreen and the likes of Chris Mellon (ex defense intelligence secretary), Luis Elizondo (former counterintelligence officer) and David Grusch (former intelligence officer) who act as “whistleblowers”, are the disinformation agents.

But nothing we’ve seen so far is secret, or overly exotic, nor anything resembling the Rendlesham or Cash-Landrum devices. So, what are diverting our attention from?

Into Space: The Inertial Mass Reduction Device and the HAUC

So far, the “transmedium craft” revelations only indicate relatively mainstream technology designed to travel from underwater into the atmosphere. But the “flying triangles” indicate something far more impressive still under wraps.

As the official definition of transmedium vehicles in the image capture states, there is a strand of technology that goes from underwater, into the air, and potentially into space, all with equal ease, thus truly becoming a Star-Wars -like piece of hardware that could be launched from an underwater base, an aircraft carrier..or even a space-based platform!

Recall the claims of McKinnon and the stunning telescope images of Lenard-Walson in Part One of this blog?

Yet, the US military says that the US Space Force isn’t about putting personnel into space. So what if it is all drone-based? What if the “non Terrestrial officers” that McKinnon saw listed were actually operating from ocean based warships (and thus “non terrestrial” but controlling transmedium drones headed for automated space-based platforms? This whole operation seems closely tied in with the US Navy at all levels.

Public details about the US Space Force remain obscure, but various strands of evidence suggest there’s more to the picture than a few satellites.

The Evidence Available

“Utilizing the INERTIAL MASS REDUCTION DEVICE our United States Warfighters will achieve Battlefield Supremacy Against all foes”

When the GOFAST, Gimbal and “Tic Tac” UFO footage (FLIR) segments were “leaked” in 2016 they barely made a ripple in the MSM, but a later “official” release last year along with “whistleblower” testimony introduced this year (2023) has created a well-orchestrated media frenzy.

Few investigators, however, have gone back to the source of the declassified footage.

I did.

Right there in Navair’s list of recent FOI releases, amidst the aforementioned UFO clips, are a huge trove of documents, Emails, presentations and patents, all relating to an emerging new strand of technology that takes Transmedium craft to a whole new level.

Interesting to note that Corbell and co. have focused on the FLIR, GOFAST and GIMBAL footage segments while ignoring the accompanying paper-trail. They must be either blind or deliberately turning a blind eye not to see the obvious connection.

Above: Image of “pyramid shaped” UFO leaked to Jeremy Corbell and confirmed as “genuine” by the US Navy. Significantly, Corbell refers to this object and accompanying spheres as “Advanced transmedium vehicles”, the use of technical terminology suggesting the film-maker may have inside knowledge.

Much of the description and patents read like science fiction, yet both the Chief technology officer of the US Navy and NAWCAD’s patent attorney have told journalists that the patents are “operable”.

The fact that they have such confidence in such exotic proposals suggest to me that, despite official denials, experimentation with prototype demonstrators has likely taken place. The technology probably exists but has been seeking funding.

(For context, the F117 Nighthawk was unveiled to a stunned public in 1991. An active squadron had been operating secretly from Groom Lake since 1983. The first operational prototype (Have Blue) was demonstrated in 1977. Significantly, anyone who saw one of these unconventional jets prior to 1991 were encouraged to believe they witnessed an alien spacecraft. Not the first time this tactic had been employed and likely not the last.)

Here’s the link to the Navair archive where you can see all this for yourself.

Documents | NAVAIR – FOIA (

A triangular craft using an exotic drive system that alters “spacetime energy density” around itself. Exactly what airman John Burroughs described at Rendlesham. “Enclosed in a plasma-bubble sheath”, ties in with the Condign Report and thus with the granting of compensation to Burroughs for his health issues. remember in both the Cash-Landrum Incident and Rendlesham, ionizing radiation, potentially from intense plasma exposure, were proposed as the cause of injuries.

The Transmedium craft known as the HAUC depicted in these patents and presentations ties it all together.

And if this what has been declassified, then what remains under wraps?

There a few clues in this 2016 presentation with staggering implications:

Read that last sentence carefully: “Local spacetime modification on a grand scale (planetary-size disruption) is thus feasible.” Think about that. Other documents in the Navair releases mention asteroid destruction using the Gravity Wave Generator that is part and parcel of this new technology. It reads like the plans to construct a virtual Death Star!

How far has this technology progressed in the intervening years? Has it gone from malfunctioning prototypes to fully developed and operational craft?

Look back over this blog, and it should give you a few clues.

You may ask the same question I did when confronted with this declassified data: Why make it publicly available? The US government does have the capability to grant secret/classified patents, yet these were publicly filed. Again, if the technology is still speculative or under development, why declassify it?

I think researcher Dr. T.J. Coles (Researcher at the Organisation for Propaganda Studies) has a sensible suggestion for the motives that echoes my previous conclusions:

“In order to boost the chances of Pais’s patents being accepted, the Chief Technical Officer…personally lobbied that to the examiner that China was investing in similar technologies, those that look a lot like the UFOs being reported by Navy pilots…Perhaps Pais’s patents were filed publicly because US military intelligence wants Congress, ie the people who fund their projects, to believe that this kind of technology is feasible and that the Chinese or Russians are in possession of weapons based on these designs.”

Dr. T.J. Coles, New Dawn Special Issue Vol.15 No.3

Dr. Coles proposes three possibilities about what pilots and other observers are witnessing:

-The UFOs reported by Navy pilots could be genuinely unexplained phenomena being used to trick potential investors into believing they are Russian or CCP craft.

-They are hoaxes perpetrated by US Intelligence (using available technology) for the same purpose.

-Or they are classified US military craft about which few military personnel are aware (Secret Compartmented Information project)?

I recall a military official some years ago suggesting that many UFOs were “Un-Funded Opportunities”. Perhaps one of these “opportunities”, in the form of the HAUC and it’s Inertial Mass Reduction drive, has finally found its funding and is about to enter the battlefield of World War Three?

“The Space Force won’t be measured by the number of people unlike for instance the Marine Corps, which is really a labor-intensive service,” Barrett told reporters. “Space Force is much more measured by the technology and the capabilities.”

Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, 2019
Space Force

Thanks for reading.


part one of Space Force here:

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