Hal Turner: This is How Utterly BRAZEN Democrats Lying to Your Face – Even Under Oath


We all know politicians lie.  We all also know how we KNOW when they’re lying: Their lips are moving.  But this video really takes the cake: Former United States (Democrat) Senator, former Secretary of State, and now Climate Czar John Kerry appears to lie under oath – and gets caught:


Now, why do such people do such things?  Are they Diabolical Narcissists?  Could it be poor Character?  Is it maybe poor upbringing by lousy parents?   Might it actually be all of the above?

I think it’s lack of consequences.  They never seem to face any consequences from their actions.  

Maybe this reality needs to be changed?

Whatever your take on the reasons for the overt lying, one thing should be certain:  If people like this are willing to casually lie, UNDER OATH, in public, on the record, to Congress, won’t they also LIE to YOU?

Why should you believe __A N Y T H I N G__ guys like this tell you . . . especially about so-called “Climate Change?”

Earth’s “Pole Shift”

The simple truth about the climate and all the crazy weather things we’ve been seeing for the past ten to twenty years is this:

Earth is well into its 11,000-12,000 year cycle for Magnetic Pole Shift.   

The molten steel core of our planet, rotating deep at the center of the earth, gives off a magnetic field that covers the entire planet.  If we could see magnetism, it would look something like this:

That magnetic field protects all life down here on earth, from much of the sun’s radiation and heat.

Remember that the sun – which is utterly enormous even though it is 90 million miles away, gives off all sorts of light, heat, radiation, solar wind, and such, all of which hits earth’s Magnetic Field.   If we could see that, it would look something like this:

Every 11,000-12,000 years, that magnetic field “shifts” at the poles.   It moves.  Some believe it “flips” with what was magnetic north, becoming magnetic south.   There is no written history about this, so we don’t actually know what happens when the poles flip.

Maybe it wipes out all (or most) life on the planet.  We just don’t know.

But we DO know that the magnetic poles flip because the magnetic signatures within rocks, and dirt, PROVE the magnetic poles do, in fact, “flip” every 11,000-12,000 years.  Rocks and core samples prove the magnetic signature does, in fact, flip. [see my note below on this claim, Martin]

Some folks think the whole planet actually does a sort of sommersault and rotates in one, fast, swoop – where what’s “north” now, flips to be south,  which would wipe out everything on the surface of the planet forever.  But again, they’re not sure. 

And, of course, if THAT is what happens, they certainly don’t want YOU knowing about it, because you might decide to stop paying your bills and the like.  Again, though, we just don’t know.

As the pole began to shift, the entire magnetic field around the earth started to weaken slightly.   As you read this story, that magnetic field is now about twenty-five percent weaker than it was maybe fifty years ago.

We have actual satellites in space that can and do monitor earth’s magnetic field.  Based on the readings those satellites send back, computers overlay a graphical representation of what the magnetic field looks like.   Here is a dual photo showing what is happening to our magnetic field nowadays:

In the left image, the magnetic field is dramatically reduced along the side facing the sun.  Earth, by the way, is the little blob in the middle of all those lines.   Blue is north pole, red is south.   On the right, all the excess heat getting through then leaving earth back into space:

So now wait a minute . . . . where is all the magnetic field from earth on the side facing the sun?   Ta Daaaaaa!   You just got it.   There’s a lot less.   

Guess what THAT means?   MORE HEAT, MORE RADIATION is getting through.  

Oh, an guess what?  YOU have already noticed it.   Here’s how:   How many of you have thought to yourselves, gee, the sun seems whiter instead of more golden?   How many of YOU have been outside, where you could normally handle the sun just fine, only to feel that the sun was more harsh?  Stronger?  Uncomfortably stronger?   THAT is the result of a weaker magnetic field!  and YOU have been seeing it and feeling it, yourselves!

Now, follow this: earth’s magnetic field did NOT weaken UNIFORMLY.   So there’s less magnetic field, but it isn’t less in the same spots all the time.  And as you might guess, that magnetic field is always moving.

So, as each day goes by, different parts of the planet get hit with more bursts of solar emissions than we are accustomed to because at any given moment, it has less protection from the constantly-changing   – and weakened –   magnetic field.

That why we’re suddenly starting to see tornadoes in places that really never get them, like Alberta, Canada.  That’s why we’re seeing stronger and longer duration thunderstorms causing enormous and very unusual flooding.  That’s why we’re seeing stronger hurricanes.  The sun is heating the planet more!

And all that momentary extra heat, and cosmic radiation, that gets through the weakened field, causes weather anomalies.  I.E. “Climate Change.”

THAT is why the climate has changed.  THAT is why the weather is unusual.  

It has absolutely nothing at all to do with man-made anything.  Not Carbon Monoxide.  Not Carbon Dioxide.  Not Nitrogen.  Not methane from cows. 

Mankind cannot do anything at all to change the natural process taking place at the core of the earth, deep beneath our feet.

Read that again: We did not cause this and we cannot do anything about it.  

But a shifty and dishonest group of people –  ALL of whom know this factual reason for the climate anomalies — decided to keep this little fact to themselves, make up stories about man-made-climate-change, so they could personally cash-in on your ignorance.

All this “Green Energy” technology; all the new regulations about emissions, won’t do a damned thing about “Climate Change” because all of this change is a natural phenomenon being caused by earth’s natural magnetic pole shift.  But the people pushing this technology, are gaining windfall amounts of money on YOUR good will, as they lie to you and tell you that it is man-made activities causing the weather changes, and you go out and spend tons of extra money trying to “do your part.”

Worse, other individuals, in the political class, who also ALL KNOW this factual reason for what’s going on, are also exploiting your ignorance about the science, to impose draconian new “environmental regulations” curtailing your property rights and your freedom.

The E N T I R E “Climate Change” subject is one, gigantic, willful, fraud being perpetrated on the masses for the private gain and gains-of-power, of a few.

Stop being ignorant.  Use your brain.   THINK.

If earth’s magnetic field is shifting, and has weakened by 25%, doesn’t that mean more sun and radiation is hitting the planet?  Now put two and two together:

Is it the sun doing this to our planet or the tailpipe of your car?

Is it the sun doing this, or your cow’s farts?

Is it the sun doing this, or YOU eating beef?

Is it the sun doing this, or the crops you plant on your farm?

Wake up, people.

We are all being intentionally defrauded.

Why? Because they can.   Just like Climate Czar John Kerry did in the video above.  Lied right to their faces, under oath, in public, on the record.

There are no consequences, so the lies just keep coming.

Stop believing these liars.

One last item.   A tremendous number of people have, for years, been claiming that aircraft over their areas have been spraying “Chem Trails” into the sky and ALL of them have been smeared as “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Take a look at this: An ACTUAL “Weather Modification” plane, parked at an airport, complete with tanks, sensors, and dispersing nozzles, with the words “Weather Modification” painted directly on the engines of the plane.   It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory” and the people claiming it’s a “Conspiracy Theory” are just more liars.

They’re trying to overcome what is taking place as a result of the magnetic pole shift, but mankind is too feeble to take-on a planetary change.  So they lie about the planetary change, then lie again about their efforts to address it by spraying all sorts of crap into our air.  Lies, lies, and more lies.

Stop believing these liars!

Martin comments:

Good article, but in the interest of accuracy Hal did get something wrong there.
He is right in that the mag. poles are constantly moving, and he is absolutely right about the increased rate of wandering and the weakening of the field. Obviously, this does affect our climate.
Where he’s got wrong is that there is no 11000 year cycle of polar shift. It happens on average roughly every 300,000 years, and that’s very rough estimation as it varies wildly, the last recorded flip being about 780,000 years ago. We should therefore be concerned as a magnetic flip affects our technological infrastrure at the very least (North is now South).
The sun reverses it’s magnetic poles every 11 years and when the polarity of a big solar flare coincides with earth’s magnetic polarity then we’ve got bigger issues than climate change to worry about (“Carrington event”).
But, the main thrust of the article is relevant, so we believe it’s worth sharing!
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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

2 thoughts on “Hal Turner: This is How Utterly BRAZEN Democrats Lying to Your Face – Even Under Oath

  1. Hi Martin. Do you have a good source for your information? Be interested to read it. Cheers.

    1. “Good source” that’s a good question and depends on how you define “good’. As you can see I’ve made some comments about corrections to Hal’s claims about geomagnetic flips.
      The information I counter with is consistent through most mainstream science journals and papers and is based on studying paleomagnetic data (the magnetic polarity of rocks, strata). I didn’t actually use a source it’s just what I remember from having read on the subject but I’m sure any good science journal will back it up. There should a multitude of online resources on the subject.

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