Martin Armstrong: “Western leaders funded the terror attacks in Israel to draw Russia into WWIII”

Belle Carter – Natural News Oct 15, 2023

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Financial and geopolitics analyst Martin Armstrong appeared on the recent “Health Ranger Report” to discuss with host Mike Adams how the horrifying Hamas attacks and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine are paving the way for a World War III that would heavily involve Russia.

According to Armstrong, who claimed to have renowned sources, what is currently happening is the next “World Trade Center fiasco.” He revealed that troops at the Israel border were pulled away two days in advance and were reassigned. Adams concurred, pointing out that Israel has extraordinarily capable intelligence. “But I noticed in the aftermath of this now, all the gloves are off, and there’s no resistance against any decision that the government wants to make, no matter how radical or vengeance-oriented it might be. Where do you think this is going?” Adams asked.

Armstrong answered, “They needed this war. They knew this was coming and they allowed it to happen. The same thing with 911… They believe that Russia is involved with Syria, Iran, and even Hamas. They’re saying some of the most intelligent, sophisticated equipment actually came from Russia.” Per his sources, the number of weapons that President Joe Biden left behind in Afghanistan could fund the entire war. He also linked these (Afghanistan and Israel conflicts) with the ongoing chaos in Ukraine. “It was the U.S. that instigated Kyiv to attack Donbas back in 2014. The very people, who were caught in Syria gassing Syrians and blame it on their President Bashar al-Assad, have been involved in Ukraine. This has been about creating war,” he explained.

As Russia was already mentioned, the founder of free-speech platform segued into asking: “What about the fact that ex-POTUS Barack Obama laundered billions of dollars and gave it to Iran, which enabled it to relaunch its nuclear weapons development program and funded Hamas and Hezbollah and others? Also, Biden unleashed another $6 billion just recently, and on top of that, other U.S. Democrat socialists in Congress now celebrating Hamas. Is that accurate?” (Related: WSJ says Iran helped Hamas plot attack on Israel “over several weeks;” Israel eager to start BOMBING Iran.)

Armstrong confirmed these to be true and expounded, “You have to understand that under the pretense of liberalism is really fascism.” He said that as a matter of fact, fascism is really when the government is taking control of the private sector, directing what they are going to manufacture, how much it will be, where it’s going to go, et cetera. “This is basically what they’re getting involved in. And we’ve been moving down this direction with canceled culture and all this sort of thing,” he said and further stated that what makes it worse is that the mainstream media is acting as cheerleaders for an imminent world war.

Both agreed that with the current developments, things could go nuclear pretty quickly. Especially now that Israel already expressed its plans to eradicate all two million Palestinian civilians in Gaza. “They’re cut off their food, water, electricity, and fuel, which is a violation of U.N. war conventions,” the Health Ranger said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “crush and destroy” Hamas with the support of a new war cabinet formed on Wednesday that includes a long-time opposition critic. “Every Hamas member is a dead man,” he said in a televised address.

Left cult’s war actions cause imploding economies of Western allies

Elsewhere in the show, the duo touched on the SWIFT ban against some Russian banks as part of the 2022 sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Union and other Western countries. It aimed at weakening the Eurasian nation’s economy to end its invasion of Ukraine by hindering its access to the SWIFT financial transaction processing system. However, it seemed to have worked to Russia’s advantage especially since the world is moving against the dollar, thanks to BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) superpower nations.

“When Russia went into Crimea, Obama went to SWIFT to ask Russia to be taken out. SWIFT declined saying, ‘You’re not going to turn this into a political tool.’ And so they replaced its head in 2019. He does whatever he was told and this divided the world economy in half,” Armstrong said. They intended the sanctions against Russia to be basically a warning signal to everybody else that anybody who did not want to “play ball with t the United States” would be cut out. “So now China has its system and it’s building up its own.”

The geopolitics expert further revealed that China was the largest holder of the U.S. debt. They’ve been selling billions every month. It would not make sense to go to them and say, “Can you buy another $100 million so we can buy some missiles to shoot at you?” They’re not looking whatsoever at economics or what would the economy do. What they are really thinking is what they can bring on from war afterward, he added.

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Watch the full episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams featuring Martin Armstrong below.

Sources include:

From Natural News

Martin comments: Actually, while I agree this is all about escalating WW3 and I agree Russia will play a major part, I think rather than simply finger-pointing at the US, we should be looking beyond national borders. There are factions within all nations either colluding or opposing this agenda. As Globalism inevitably collapses, the New World Order is taking shape, and World Three will decide what shape it ultimately takes.

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