NZDSOS: Open Letter to the Incoming Parliament for 2023- 2026

On entering parliament this term you face a country in tatters. There is a huge job ahead — and it’s not for the faint-hearted. 

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science

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As a member of parliament, you have a duty to represent all New Zealanders — the true sovereigns of this country. You are answerable to each one of us. No one else.Mary Hobbs

On entering parliament this term you face a country in tatters. There is a huge job ahead — and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Over the past three years, the economy has taken a battering and New Zealanders remain deeply traumatised by the oppressive actions and inactions of those that were in government. 

This has resulted in a deep level of distrust in the parliamentary system and all who are part of it. The election results tell us that. The past government was given a resounding thumbs-down, while the Opposition (National and ACT) didn’t make it through without having to count on New Zealand First — a Party that lobbied — among other things — on less international interference, retaining New Zealand’s sovereignty, and the protection of the Bill of Rights.

They have some excellent policies that can be viewed here. Because of this, and Winston’s experience, many in the freedom movement voted for New Zealand First, while others voted for alternative, smaller parties.

A new Party, New Zealand Loyal, created by Liz Gunn just a couple of months pre-election, began from a standing start, offering policies that resonated so much with New Zealanders that they took over 26,000 votes.

Further confirmation of national disillusionment with the main parties showed with over 20% of New Zealanders not voting. They chose to turn from the system and ignore it, leaving it to collapse in its current form, so individuals could form local groups, answerable only to them, with Human Rights sacrosanct.

But, here we are now, with you as an MP, either entering parliament for the first time; returning after a hiatus away; or returning with knowledge of the destruction your last term caused –either actively in government or passively in opposition –that supported the greatest attacks on our Human Rights and freedom.

Regardless, the following pages are addressed to you in the form of an open letter to each of you for the upcoming term. It is a “from the trenches”  report from the frontline – that reflects on what most of us have experienced or witnessed over the past three years, for if you seek to represent us, then it is imperative that you know.

There are also suggestions on how to best address the unhealed wounds of New Zealanders, and free our country from unelected influences. (The suggestions for the first topic are listed in combination with the suggestions for the second topic as they are intertwined.) 

Buckle up. Because for some of you, it may be a rough ride that takes a fair amount to confront.

The shocking escalation of ill health and death:

The health of New Zealanders is worse than it has ever been, with many thousands either suffering from the side effects of the experimental gene-based therapy injection that most were forced to either take, or lose their livelihoods, while others have been left grieving for loved ones it has killed. The health system is unable to cope, with Kiwis facing waits of 8 to 12 hours to be seen in Emergency Care, although a 16-hour wait is not unheard of either.

Ambulances wait with patients in bays outside Accident and Emergency for hours, because there are no beds and few staff. GPs have waiting lists up to four weeks or more, while specialists, especially in Coronary Care, have lists that extend beyond 12 months. Horrific stories seem to arrive daily, with one of the most recent being a report of three vaccinated New Zealand children who have either recently had a heart transplant, or are awaiting one, while four unvaccinated Kiwis await transplants but apparently won’t be put on the list until they have a shot that is neither safe nor effective and could kill them. 

New Zealand deaths per year have accelerated at an alarming rate since the rollout of the experimental injection. In September/October of 2023 the death rate was 70% greater than over the same time in 2022. In honour of those who have died unacknowledged and/or whose relatives were given no closure, the story of Gareth Utting is told here. Liam O’Sullivan’s story is another, told here. The pain for these families, and thousands of others, is unimaginable. More can be found at three excellent sites: Lynda Wharton’s site at and and their associated site

Despite the world being awash with factual information from international experts publicly stating that the experimental injection is neither safe or effective and doesn’t prevent transmission —  and when Pfizer has long-since released a nine-page list  of adverse events — the NZ ‘caretaker government’, on 3 November 2023,  extended provisional consent for the experimental Pfizer jab for a further two years and then immediately moved to fully register all variations of the jab, and even included the formulas now redundant.

Isn’t that potential murder? Dr David Martin certainly thinks so. He defines it as a bioweapon and has the qualifications to do s and the documents to prove it. Dr Mike Yeadon, who worked for Pfizer for over 20 years, concurs and explains why here. Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical executive, gives her well-researched view that “an intent to harm has been taking place under the guise of a pandemic.”

She states here that it was the US military that authorised the jabs and her video explaining that is here. After carefully viewing the information and watching the serious anomalies here in NZ, our team reluctantly came to the same conclusion based on what they have witnessed with what they describe as: “the dysfunction of the organisations, authorities, institutions, laws and people that are supposedly in place in this country to protect us.“ They list specifics here. If there is only one link you choose to look at in this article, make it this one.

Dr Peter McCullough, and Dr Aseem Malhotra, both world-renowned cardiologists, are just two examples of many esteemed international specialists on the world stage warning of the dangers of this experimental injection.

And since this all began, our courageous medical staff at have tirelessly sent out many notifications and open letters — backed with meticulous evidence and research — to the Ministry of Health, MPs and others in government, urgently warning of the grave dangers and advising it be immediately stopped. Their website provides a wealth of information and references and has a record of their communications to government, that have received little or no meaningful response. 

Some of the injured are so ill they can barely function. Many have lost their homes, their jobs, and cannot make ends meet, but the 2020 – 2023 government either wanted these deeply traumatised souls to personally prove to ACC that they had suffered an adverse event, while the Opposition said that there would be no compensation. At one stage, it was made even more difficult when the past government falsely alleged that injuries didn’t occur until two weeks post- injection.

That was also a lie. It defies basic common sense, as does the shocking permission for renewal of provisional consent, this month, by the caretaker government, when even a government website shows it is not “safe and effective”. (The extent of injuries and death on their site is also inaccurate, as the system for reporting adverse events on this experiment is “optional”.)

Yet nobody in mainstream media, mainstream medicine, or government, is talking about it — with the exception of New Zealand First and alternative parties who did not make it into parliament. Instead, a “brush it under the carpet” approach continues to be taken as increasing numbers of New Zealanders are maimed and killed.  

As candidates for main parties on the campaign trail — except for New Zealand First — you were probably told NOT to talk about it, as a number of accounts told of candidates changing the subject or ending the meetings when the subject came up.

But it must be talked about and acknowledged, as that is the first step to healing our country. As an MP, It may be best you do this – if only for your own protection – for at least you may be able to allege that you publicly raised the issue and may possibly escape being judged as complicit.

Human rights and individual freedom:

The Constitution of key political parties, including National, Labour and ACT, indicates that they stand for Human Rights and individual freedom. New Zealand First does, too. 

Yet over the past term, parliament worked together from both sides of the House to trample on Human Rights and violate the Nuremberg Code. Endless petitions and open letters from Kiwis to the government were ignored.

The peaceful protesters of February and March of 2022, in Wellington and Picton were also ignored.  Each of you returning again to parliament for the 2023 – 2026 term could have broken ranks, and stepped out to listen to New Zealanders — but you did not. Winston did, even though he wasn’t in parliament, which escalated his votes.

We came from all walks of life. We stood together. Tradies, doctors, nurses, dentists, alternative media, writers, farmers, teachers, lawyers, office staff, sports stars, mothers, fathers, children, two or three past politicians — including Winston — the poor, wealthy, Maori, non-Maori, young, old, jabbed, un-jabbed, the injured post-jab, and the mandated. All united. The support of most New Zealanders throughout the country was with those at Camp Freedom.

That could easily be seen by the many thousands who flocked to cheer the convoys on — from the tip of the north to the bottom of the south — with many locals in Wellington, and others who flew in from all over the country in support, while millions watched from home and donated to help feed everyone.

The convoys in each island were 70 km in length, and the blockbusting movie, River of Freedom — playing in movie theatres to packed audiences—also makes this clear. We gathered in peace. We came to speak. We came in support and asked that you listen. This was a pivotal time in our history when the country needed their representatives in parliament to recognise the danger of threatening our unalienable rights — the very core of freedom. 

It seems all MPs at that time followed Party policies instead of representing us, and so abrogated Human Rights, including freedom to gather and speak freely, while continuing to force New Zealanders, against their will, to have an experimental gene-based therapy injection that was not properly tested and of which the exact contents were never disclosed, or lose their homes and their ability to feed their families. Then, when Kiwis did take it, as mentioned,  many died, or became severely injured  and unable to work. 

The injured were further tortured by a complicit parliament standing back while complicit doctors (many frightened by threats of de-registration) denied it was anything at all to do with the experimental injection and inhumanely told many Kiwis their symptoms “must be in their head”.  Some of those doctors were exempted. Double betrayal.

The 2020 – 2023 government, used bribes and threats on New Zealanders and divided them by hyping up fear and feeding false information to the people — all promoted  by a government-sponsored media, Kiwis were even encouraged to “dob in a neighbour” and  fed terror every day, 24/7.

The young, the old, the infirm. Fear was the contagion. Recipients of the experimental injection were not required to be assessed by their doctor. They could line up in a car park, have one after a free sausage, or refuse and lose their job. How was anyone given informed consent in that circus?

Yet, key members of that government knew the dangers. Many of the OIA exposures pointed towards the enemy within. The government didn’t have evidence it was safe or prevented transmission. In fact, the opposite proved true. Further information revealed questions their intent.

Families were needlessly and inhumanely kept apart at some of the most heart-wrenching moments of their lives;  stellar medical staff who dared to speak the truth were threatened, had their right to practice removed and, in many cases, were taken to court. (To date, all who appealed their convictions, have won.) There were orchestrated “enquiries” and the sponsored media circus was called in to insult and belittle these heroes among us. There were also sponsored witch-hunts on alternative media who courageously spoke out and exposed the lies. 

On  3 October 2023, Dr Emanuel Garcia discovered, through an OIA request  that – while most in the medical profession were facing the loss of their livelihoods if they didn’t take the experimental gene-based jab and advocate for their patients to do the same –  apparently over 11,000 health workers (Health New Zealand) received an exemption at a time that other health workers were mandated. That information can be found here.

That means it is possible that some doctors and health workers who were advising Kiwis to get the jab, or telling them they couldn’t see their loved ones in hospital unless they did, may themselves have been exempted. Bloomfield declined exemptions for thousands, including those who had already suffered serious injury from the first jab.

The pain and suffering that caused throughout the country is incalculable. And early on, the prime minister announced that MPs did not have to have the injection. But if it was so safe, wouldn’t she want them to have it? It didn’t make sense. Kiwis need to be honestly informed of exactly who was exempted from the mandates.

The truth was that the mandates were a crime, as were the blatant lies about the “safe and effective” status. When such gross violations of our human rights occur with mass parliamentary acquiescence, and when we even had a prime minister announcing that she and her ilk were the “single source of truth”  alarm bells should have been making a deafening noise in parliament. From the opposition benches at the very least.

This experimental jab was falsely alleged to be about “health”. Dr David Bell, former WHO scientist, explains it well in this series of three excellent interviews on RCR Radio, and the fearless Liz Gunn of Free NZ, also did an illuminating in-depth interview with the doctor here.

Dr Bell assures us it is definitely not science that is being carried out in any of these decisions. Without the fully-informed consent of each individual, the enforcement of any medicine is tyranny.  

It still is. Which is why this is repeated in this updated Open Letter to all MPs —  either new to parliament or returning to parliament for the upcoming term. Just in case you had no idea.

Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”William Faulkner

So, here we are, on the eve of a coalition that includes Winston Peters and New Zealand First. Hopefully, with New Zealand First, there will be positive change, as one of their policies is for a genuine, independent inquiry, not a whitewash. (David Seymour of ACT also supports this.) New Zealanders deserve the truth which includes the fact that the gene-based therapy doesn’t prevent “covid” spreading and that it is not safe and effectiveThis link explains. Nor has parliament explained that the PCR test cannot diagnose anything – according to the inventor of it.

The rest of the world knows these facts. But here in “Hobbitsville” the lies have continued, regardless of what many renowned doctors have told us, including the eminently-well qualified Dr David Martin, who states that the experimental injection is a biological weapon in a “vaccine”. Dr Martin should know, for he has been employed by governments to adjudicate on biological weapons.

(Listen to him on the above link. He explains.) Robert Kennedy Junior recently stated that none of the current vaccines for anything are safety-tested and big pharma has set it up so they cannot be liable for any injuries or harm.  He has not been sued for making that statement. Further, an Interview with Dr David Martin here goes some way to explaining the tangled web of big pharma and government. All factual. Would you trust big pharma after reading that?

Those of you in parliament who gave the orders, or remained silent, and are back for another term, have hopefully learned a sobering lesson and will never again attack our human rights in such ways, for far too many lives have been shattered and destroyed. Liz Gunn and FreeNZ did many interviews highlighting this. RCR Radio also, as did Counterspin and other alternative media.

(Each are different and have their own style. None are government-sponsored). No government department is demonstrably caring for these terribly injured New Zealanders except for compassionate teams at:  or at the NZDSOS clinic online, and others. This must be addressed. 

When the WEF, the UN and WHO allege there are far too many humans in the world and we must substantially reduce the world population, doesn’t it make you wonder why they would bother trying to “vaccinate” everyone to save their lives? That would go for all “vaccines” wouldn’t it? Remember, if despots get their wish of a one world government and totalitarian rule, there will only be a few at the top of the pile. 

The rest are apparently referred to by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as “useful idiots”, meaning they are the ones that help them (the WEF, UN, WHP etc) to control each us. That applies to every member of parliament who does not raise their voice in objection. 

So,  now you have almost crossed the threshold into a parliament that had — over the past three years —  enacted policies that violated the Nuremberg Code and Human Rights, and caused untold harm throughout the Nation with the enforcement of a gene-based injection. What can you do about it now?

Suggested actions:

One of the first steps the new government must take is to place an immediate ban on the experimental injection, help heal the country by acknowledging the trauma, the injuries and the deaths, and take immediate responsibility for the vast damage caused by the “safe and effective” lies. This can be done by supporting New Zealand First in its quest for a full independent inquiry, and immediately revoke all legislation of the previous government that grossly violated the  Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code.

Laws should immediately be passed that guarantee our Bill of Rights is entrenched and forever inviolate, regardless of who is in government now, or in the future. Forever.

In tandem with that, full compensation for the injured and the bereaved must be immediately granted, the injured must receive the proper care they need on an immediate basis, along with a public apology. 

All endeavours must be made to ensure the injured are assisted with genuine protocols that are proven to help that include alternative treatments, not protocols that have been proven to create further damage. Eminent physicians who have been speaking out about this issue have key treatments that are not part of Pharma. The clinic at is also a good place for the injured to seek healing. These treatments must be financed by government. 

All medical staff who remained true to their Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code and Human Rights must be publicly acknowledged, and compensated, with full reinstatement of their qualifications. All mandates on medical staff and anyone else in NZ must be immediately lifted. 

All medical staff who violated their Hippocratic Oath, the Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code must publicly apologise and be required to restudy these documents, pass examinations on them, pin them up in their public reception areas and offices, and in every hospital or clinic, ensuring every patient fully understands these documents. They should be required to sign an Oath to never compromise these documents again. They must answer charges if warranted.

The Ministry of Health must be thoroughly overhauled and undergo a similar programme for all who allowed this to occur. Those who gave the directives with knowledge of what they were doing need to be charged. Those who made reporting Adverse Events in patients as “optional” and later completely dropped all efforts to report any adverse events, must also be called to account. The Medical Council of New Zealand should be charged and disbanded or, if it is to exist at all, be  replaced with medical staff from  This would be a good start.

Representing the people means that all restrictive laws that violate Human Rights must be revoked, with a restoration of all Human Rights that our ancestors put their lives on the line to protect will be enshrined in law that no parliament can ever tear down.  Wearing a poppy and laying a wreath at a cenotaph, while jack-booting over all they fought and died for, just doesn’t cut it.

A fitting tribute is that every MP works with every last ounce of energy they have to protect and safeguard the freedoms and human rights of the living souls of this country and ensure that legislation is in place that will protect it forever. Legislation must also be put in place to ensure that our land remains free of GE crops, because GE-Free also means good health.

Those are tributes our ancestors would consider worthy. If all of you stand up in unison to do this, then our future will be worth living. It always starts with one having the guts to do it. And if it is just one standing up and speaking out in support of these values, and inviting others to do the same, then you’ll find many stand beside you. 

Key Failure – puppet masters controlling countries behind the scenes.

The key failure of parliament for many decades — but seemingly on steroids over the past three years —  is having off-shore unelected cabals, with their money and power, acting as the puppet-masters of NZ politicians and councils.  It is they who increasingly pull the strings behind the façade of “government”. Some MPs will be genuinely unaware of this.

Others may not know the details, but their controlling collectivist instincts will see no problem and even welcome the march into techno-feudalism. A chilling prospect.  And then there are others, the ex-PM of NZ included, who have been indoctrinated at the WEF, and are then sent out to bring their countries into the fold of totalitarianism, led by a one-world government.

Politicians, entrusted by New Zealanders to exclusively represent their interests, have apparently been too weak to fend off these cabals — some perhaps even flattered by their attention, possibly little realising they were being used as pawns in a game that requires complete subservience to their plans for a one world government under the UN — an organisation to whom some New Zealanders seem too tightly linked.

Another example is the extreme danger of the proposed International Health Regulations of the World Health Organisation. New Zealand has until 1 December 2023 to reject this. If NZ doesn’t, then it could mean that WHO may fraudulently allege that it becomes the controlling authority for world “health” and this unelected cabal will assume “rights” to lock countries down (who haven’t withdrawn from this by 1 December) and enforce trial injections upon individuals, even if they just think there may be a “pandemic”. Winston Peters makes the dangers of this very clear in a series of tweets which can be seen here. I urge you to read them and support him fully, crossing the floor if you must.

The current  leader of WHO, Dr Tedros Ghedreyseus, is not a medical doctor, and has been accused of genocide in Ethiopia, by a Nobel Peace Laureate — among many other informed people. The largest donators of WHO were, at one stage, China and Bill Gates. Tedros works closely with other cabals as well who consider there are too many people on the planet. So why would our country be in a rush to allow the WHO to enforce mandatory jabs for every individual in NZ — and the world? That’s like giving someone who has never met you, has no knowledge of your medical history, and isn’t a doctor, permission to inject you with anything.

Does that make any kind of sense to you? And who on earth has given parliament the mandate to make such individual human rights decisions on our behalf? No one that I know. All MPs across the House should be standing with Winston and New Zealand First on this. All of you should be making the most fearsome racket about it, regardless of which party you’re in or where you are in the pecking order. The lives of all New Zealanders are at stake here. If you don’t, then quite frankly,  you have no place in parliament.


Ensure New Zealand is removed from the International Health Regulations before 1 December 2023. Remove New Zealand from the WHO, the UN and the WEF. Withdraw from their agendas. Please, immediately sign this letter and promote it to your constituents. 

Infiltration of Councils:

Past governments also appear to have opened the way for infiltration into our councils. It is known that the WEF has pervaded into some councils, as well as other oligarchs who wish to control the planet through  one-world government.  There are those in councils who have obeyed instructions to borrow millions as they prepare to create the Agenda 2030 15-minute cities.

Their plans — sometimes obliquely referred to under innocuous titles such as “Spatial Planning” — a euphemism for an open-air prison where residents are limited to travel, unfettered, no further than 15-minutes. The endless roadworks, new lights with cameras, and the proliferation of 5G towers — are all components of such cities. All there for surveillance and 24/7 monitoring. Total control under the guise of the false alarm of “climate change”.

It is understood that councils can only obtain a loan through a system that has been set up without the knowledge or agreement of most ratepayers. They borrow money from a limited liability company called the Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA). This was set up under the Local Government Act 2011. To borrow from LGFA, councils are required to put up property and/or rates of property owners as security.  The level of debt intended for 2023 — 2026 can be viewed here.

If the council defaults and cannot pay its debts, then that seems to open the door for whoever lent the money to come after the ratepayers and limitlessly increase the rates, to the point that if they become unaffordable then their property will be forfeited.  Doesn’t this  put ratepayers into a position over which they have no control? Even worse, if a council in one area defaults, then apparently, according to Local Body legislation of 2011, all councils in NZ are liable for that default. Yet no ratepayers that I am aware of have been informed and their permission has not been sought. Isn’t that fraud?

Another attack on ratepayers and residents is the enforcement of chlorine in all city water supplies by cranking up requirements for “water safety” to impossible levels, along with making the addition of toxic fluoride in all water supplies mandatory, regardless of it having been proven to lower the IQ, especially in babies, who have no teeth. One size does not fit all. It defies logic and basic common sense.

Why would the previous Director General of “Health” Bloomfield  want to make it mandatory to put the waste products of the fertiliser industry into the water supply and falsely allege it was “safe”?  Why would a government want to put it into our water when employees must wear hazmat suits to pour it in and it is so toxic it is not able to be disposed of into the air, sea, lakes or rivers? Through this attempted enforcement of mass medication, Dr Bloomfield had wilfully ignored human rights. Sound familiar? Thankfully, in November 2023, a High Court Judge stated that this action of mandating fluoride was unlawful. 

Stealing water infrastructure from ratepayers that has been purchased and maintained by them, through their rates, for many generations and handing it to a select group of New Zealanders or giving it to off-shore cabals is theft. Three Waters is theft. If you remain silent, you will be the effect of this, too.


MPs between 2023 and 2026 must demand that all forward planning for any open-air prison/15-minute cities must immediately cease, the public must be fully informed of what had been planned behind the scenes. Immediate legislation should be passed to roll this back, declaring the fraudulent legislation illegal — as no ratepayers have given their consent.

Legislation that replaces it must ensure private property remains sacrosanct with New Zealanders and will never be put up as security. Nor can their rates. Reckless spending on inner-city stadiums and sports centres must stop. The 24/7 surveillance must be halted, with cameras removed, and all towers with 5G removed until it is proven, without doubt, from those independent of the industry,  there are no health defects from them. Councils must revert to solely representing ratepayers and residents and enacting their wishes for basic services in good order. Nothing else.

Revoke Three Waters legislation. 

Revoke all central government interference in councils, including all legislation in regard to chlorination and fluoridation. There is no seat at the table for central government or offshore vested interests, or anyone who acts for them. It is not their business. New Zealanders refuse to be restricted in their movement. It violates Human Rights.

It is your job to ensure that these secretive arrangements are made null and void. Nor should any council should be liable for the debts of another council where they don’t own property, so Local Body legislation needs to urgently be amended.

A rates freeze must go in until further notice and parliament must then enact legislation that ensures rates are only ever to be a payment towards basic council services such as provision of clean water, sewerage, local libraries, local swimming pools, good roading with enough room for vehicles, rubbish collection and maintenance of parks and footpaths. Those who provide their own rubbish and sewerage disposal and water, as on farms, will be provided with substantial discounts as they don’t receive the services. 

You are in parliament and/or on councils to represent New Zealanders, not to forward the views of unelected off-shore cabals and oligarchs, and you are not to be instructed by unelected bureaucrats behind-the-scenes, No legislation should be passed in council if it is counter to Human Rights, and the sovereignty of ourselves or our country. Please, always remember that. 

Each time a man stands up for an ideal . . . or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and . . . those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.Robert Kennedy

“Climate change” – the fraud:

The 15-minute cities/open-air prisons are proposed as the “solution” to “save the planet from “climate change”. Climate change is a misnomer — meaning that it is a misleading name. The myth is demolished in 2.5 minutes here. Liz Gunn of New Zealand Loyal provides an overview here.  There are excellent interviews from RCR here, and Professor Plimer explains it very simply hereAcademia explains the “BAD SCIENCE BEHIND THE UNITED NATIONS ASSERTION THAT C02 CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING”,  and provides 48 additional pages of backup notes and references. If more proof of the climate change fraud is required, please ask.

The playbook of those seeking world domination is an old one that they have done little to hide. The Club of Rome helpfully explains how they postulated this in a book entitled,  ‘The First Global Revolution’ — A Report by The Council of the Club of Rome, originally published in 1971 and republished in 1991. 

In essence, the concept is to create a “problem” and then provide a “solution” — one that involves incremental and increasing control over humanity, with the agreement of millions, through overall deceit.  A quote from that publication states: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.” It further states that because all of these alleged dangers are caused by human intervention, then the real enemy is humanity itself…

Do you see? The manufactured “problem” and why humanity is to be attacked is laid bare. 

The publication is difficult to obtain but can be accessed here. There is a damning review of the book by a Charles Steiner (31.12.09).  In essence, he notes that: the book precedes the attack of September 11, 2001 and Bush’s speech about a “New World Order” yet is part and parcel of an open conspiracy to control the entire globe through One World Governance on international, national, regional, provincial and local levels by creating fear of imminent catastrophe regarding the pseudo-scientific notion of global warming along with such other threats as pollution, over-population, poverty, and biological pandemics. 

He further states that the book speaks as if the purpose of the Plan were indeed noble, as if the authors and the Club of Rome were magnanimously concerned about freedom, human rights, and real men and women …. It plainly and scarily states that the world, …needs a “common enemy” to unite all of us … “[W]e came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.” It further states that because all these so-called dangers are caused by human intervention, the “real enemy” then is “humanity itself.” [Page 115 of the first edition]

He adds: This open but conspiratorial plan acknowledges that there is no hard scientific data supporting “the idea” of global warming, although it asserts there is agreement (among whom?) about general “trends.” [Page 50].

However, “the idea” serves as an excellent means of rousting all planetary citizens to become united under a kind of new religion whereby each individual is willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole — in order to save humanity.

He further states the implications for the Plan in that book are totally frightening and disturbing; that the authors have spent a good deal of time finding means to use the right language and locate the precise reasons that could inflame a multiplicity of conflicting circumstances into a searing conflagration whereby individual dissenters of the plan would be made to seem unforgivably nationalistic, greedy, selfish, reckless, and unethical should they reject worldwide collectivism, a one world governance established to help save man against himself.

(Sustainable development, in the context of this book, means minimal materialism combined with obedience to and cooperation with the world state: your property rights are gone.)

A snippet on their plans can be viewed here and here. Not sure about you, but in my view, it always ends badly when unelected oligarchs get together to decide on what’s ‘best’ for the rest of us, with them emerging richer, with totalitarian control, while working hard to kill off and make slaves of the rest of us.  But nobody elected them as God. 

The WHO, the UN and the WEF also appear to be masters at this strategy. As the reviewer points out, Climate change” is one such example. Under this banner, the “solutions” to reducing the “carbon footprint” opens the door to increasing taxes and rates, and extortionate, oppressive regulations on farmers, that make it almost impossible to farm and lessens the availability of food.

Our farmers already lead the world in low emissions, so if they regulate further and they are unable to produce, then farmers in other countries (with higher “emissions”) will fill the gap, resulting in negative gain towards their spurious targets. That is, if one subscribes to that at all, as carbon is necessary for life. Trees breath in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. Humans do the opposite. A perfect symbiotic relationship. Zero carbon is zero life. Yet there are psychopathic multi-billionaires declaring they will bury trees to “save the planet”. Geologist, Professor Plimer dispels the myth.

 There are many dissenting views from courageous scientists, stating the truth about “climate change”, but their voices are muted. Nobel Peace Laureate, John Clauser is another scientist who bravely calls the climate change claims a hoax. Robert Kennedy Junior also calls it as he sees it: That climate change is being exploited by mega-billionaires to tyrannize the planet.

The fact is, the climate has always changed. It ebbs and flows. Anyone who can read mountains should know that. Ask a top veteran mountain and ski guide who has called Aoraki Mount Cook home for the last 35 years or more. He will show you the pathway of a mighty glacier that used to extend from Mount Cook to the east coast of the South Island. The recession of that glacier began millions of years ago. No Club-of-Rome-climate-change-proponents in sight.

No people either. No WEF or other billionaires alleging it was the “carbon-footprint” and we had to rid ourselves of eating meat and resort to 15-minute “smart cities” and be monitored 24/7 by 5G and constant cameras, and eat bugs with parasites, while Schwab, Harari, and their ilk, fly around the planet on their private jets and dine on fillet steaks. Ask any scientist going to Antarctica how assured their funding is if they mention climate change. It appears funding is easy if one follows the money.


Expose the  climate change propaganda and lies in parliament and publicly acknowledge there is no need for 15-minute cities, restrictions on movement (another basic human right), electric cars — which are environmentally unfriendly — or oppressing farmers. If you’re called to vote for anything in favour of the “climate change” agenda, and you are there to genuinely represent New Zealanders, then you must speak out against it.  

All legislation regarding the false claims attributed to “climate change” to be revoked.

The Ministry of Agriculture must immediately cancel all tests involving feeding black flies to stock for “climate change” It is not their diet. It is unnatural and it is unnecessary. 

We are counting on you.

Genetic engineering:

New Zealanders have a hard-won moratorium on GE since the early 2000s — and for good reason. They fought long and hard to obtain that. There were protests for it, and an expensive  Royal Commission, yet National and ACT want to lift it, without consultation, with no noticeable objection from the “Greens”, Labour, or the Maori Party. 

Organic produce is the most sought-after in the world. We are surrounded by water, and perfectly placed to be organic, without contamination from GE countries. GE-free and organic status commands the greatest returns, and keeps our country more self-sufficient and holistic. Unleashed GM seed will be a nightmare Ask the Indian farmers what happened after they accepted Monsanto’s poisoned chalice. Ask about the havoc it caused in the USA. Europeans don’t consume any GM crops and almost all of Asia is GM-free. So why would we want NZ GM crops, or the meat of animals that have eaten GM feed? 

No-one has the right to interfere with the perfect blueprint of nature. That is the domain of God. It is sacrosanct.MH

Humans should never interfere with Nature’s perfect blueprint. Their spread contaminates other crops. It is a Pandora’s Box. Vladimir Putin knows. He advocates for organic food and has banned GM.  He is saving his country from this attack on nature. Former Genetic Engineering Scientist, Elvira Dommissee discusses the gravity of this situation with Reality Check Radio (RCR). There is also an interview with Australian expert Jodie Brunning about this alarming proposal. Again, not a peep from anyone in parliament last term. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the “global masters” plans could it? 

Please note that the  globalists are not only planning to genetically engineer plants and animals but also you and your body. A light-hearted look on the greatest threat to humanity is provided here by satirist,  J.P. Sears which includes clips of Schwab and his side-kick, Harari, informing the world of their intentions. Are you comfortable with these unelected despots hacking into humans and removing/shutting down access to the soul/spirit, along with your freewill and individuality? 

It sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? Well, here is a direct clip to Harari stating this – and more. They are going for a transhumanist world where the combination of human body and machine can be combined and brought under their control. That’s what Harari and these unelected cabals want. That’s the real reason for the gene-therapy jabs. Laura Aboli explains it well..

It is vital that you make your decisions by what you spiritually know to be right; what your heart tells you, and what you personally know to be true. The time is now, before anyone with their Frankenstein products attempts to take that ability from you.  


Maintain, at all costs, the moratorium on Genetic Engineering.

Put legislation in place that ensures New Zealand must always remain GE-free and move, with assistance, towards organic regenerative farming.

The Therapeutic Goods Act:

Another issue most Kiwis are very unhappy about is the Therapeutic Goods Act which is legislation that plans to have a government official dictate what supplements we are permitted to have and to ban most that many rely upon for their general good health. There is more on this in an article by Dr Guy Hatchard here and an Open Letter to MPs on it here. 

This is not the business of government.  Many thousands of Kiwis objected to this and asked to be heard. They were ignored. We cannot have members of parliament riding rough-shod over the basic rights of every New Zealander. We can and will decide which supplements we may choose to take. And we cannot have members of parliament who falsely allege they represent New Zealanders while ignoring their letters, calls, petitions and wishes. That is a betrayal of trust. 


Join with New Zealand First to immediately revoke this Bill. 

Listen to those you purport to represent. Act based on that. Uphold your honour.

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny. — Often attributed to President Jefferson

Media propaganda

The last parliament lassoed media by paying them out. Tragically they have been reduced to little more than a mouthpiece for corrupt offshore cabals. Those who call bravely out the government lies tend to come under the scrutiny of the appropriately named Disinformation Project — a government-run department that seems to be employed to discredit those telling the truth.  

Apparently there are also plans to censor free speech. That is, speech the government does not want to hear. The Nazis censored free speech. So do the communists. Here is a good example of an Eu politician who speaks up clearly for the protection of our human rights and free speech. 


We count on you to protect free speech, thump your desks and shout from the rooftops against such censorship. A great parliament, made up of outstanding MPs, will protect our freedoms and human rights and demand that such threats to free speech will never belong in our country. 

Stop all government funding of media. Create legislation that ensures media report both sides of a news item without evaluation, unless it is labelled “Opinion”. Free speech must be made sacrosanct.

Disband the “Disinformation Project”.

In conclusion:

Do not be silent in the face of tyranny. 

After the past three years it is clear who is for good and who is for evil. Going forward, we pray you choose the right side. Whichever side it is, know this: there is no longer any way to disguise who you really are. Your words and your actions will determine this, for better or worse.

 Soul to soul this can be seen. Those of you who advocate poisoning the water; those who don’t allow free thought and speech; and those who advocate putting toxic poison-laden injections into the arms of babies and pregnant women and a population; those who remain silent and yet sign laws into being that they disagree with; those who threaten sovereign individuals with fear and lies — it is all being revealed.

We are alerting you, because you are there to represent us. To fulfil your job requirements it is vital that you listen to New Zealanders and represent them.  Stand strong.

Make this term count. Speak on behalf of freedom, all human rights, less government control and minimal taxes. Represent the wishes of the people. Speak for the injured and the bereaved.. Ensure they are well compensated for the brutal betrayals of the past government. Be truthful and compassionate. Compensate all businesses that closed rather than discriminated between Kiwis. Speak for our children being taught real subjects at school and rid schools of pornographic filth. Champion local government that invests in the basics and doesn’t get into debt. 

Be honest. And New Zealanders will back you. 

The most serious issues that threaten our country were confronted by New Zealand Loyal in the election campaign, with clear policies that dealt them, and gave the Party a roaring start. Chief among these policies was removing our country from unholy alliances with unelected global corporations and organisations that seek a one-world government. (New Zealand First spoke in favour of this, too, as one of their policies.)Also, 1% tax, and no other, along with a workable plan of how that would cover core public services. New Zealanders would be able to free themselves from excessive rates and taxes.

The shocking criminal spending that has been going on,  would stop. Instead, there would be a smaller, accountable government, and councils, directly answerable to New Zealanders. A policy addressing the justice system, that enabled New Zealanders to rein in rogue MPs was also promising.

Their health policy sought to remove the corruption and is far more aligned with genuine health. The jab-injured, and those bereaved, would be compensated. (Most alternative parties indicated they would do this, too.) Property Rights was also addressed with a common-sense resolution.

The government stranglehold on councils was to stop. That  Party didn’t make it past the high threshold to enter parliament but it may open the way for those of you who did make it in to help implement such great policies. These are the types of policies that many, many New Zealanders care about and want. This is what all in parliament should be doing. The overview is here.

‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end they always fail — think of it, ALWAYS’.Mahatma Gandhi

As Gandhi said, tyrants never win. They look like they may, but they do not. With New Zealanders speaking up, mounting a chorus together, and stating peacefully that we do not consent to totalitarian rule, and we will turn away from any government that doesn’t genuinely represent us, then New Zealanders will peacefully triumph over those systematically trying to destroy our country and who have been doing so for far too long. 

What began with those convoys throughout the country to Wellington, and what endured over those weeks of protest, was the wonderful camaraderie and spirit of New Zealanders who came from all walks of life and stood together to say that we do not consent to fraudulent agreements with off-shore cabals and any paper-thin pretence of “representing New Zealanders”. We see clearly through the façade of international corporates doing deals with big government. We have no use for that. It is we, every New Zealander in this country, who are sovereign. No one else.

We will heal the divisions together.

it is us who build bridges and join together, helping each other heal from the trauma of the last few years. We are many. The Jabbed, unjabbed, injured, uninjured, different cultures, religions and beliefs, the rich and poor, —  from all parts of the country.

Without MPs, or sponsored press, the divisions fall away and we can rejoice in the beauty of each and every beautiful soul and help each other out of the mess. This is what happens with the innate nature and goodness of the human spirit. Truth prevails.

Such bonds are unbreakable.  And we share the dream of living together in genuine peace, harmony, love, and compassion — where we hold human rights and the spiritual essence of life and nature sacrosanct, and where we peacefully turn from despotic governments that seek to destroy. There is no oxygen for them in our environment and their seeds of division will fall on barren land.

We stand together. And that grows ever stronger. 

We want you — if you are pure of heart — to join us.

There is a brighter dawn that is rapidly gaining momentum. It beats in the hearts of every New Zealander who has gathered around the injured and the bereaved and helped protect, support, care, and speak for them.

It is alive in the hearts of New Zealanders who seek to protect our farmers and who know, without them, there is no food. It is in the hearts of those who speak up and dare to enlighten, and bring the truth, it is in the dreams of a world where we walk together, revering nature and its blueprint and holding it sacred.

It beats in the hearts of all who speak for freedom, compassion and the basic human rights of every individual, regardless of culture, colour, country, or religion. It is in the soul of every human being — for that is eternal. Every day there are many, many, more awakening, and the truth is being revealed. 

We have lost much, but we have not lost each other. Over the past few years particularly, the true spirit of beautiful Kiwis has illustrated just how effortless it is to live together in harmony. Love is the way forward. And it is that light, and that gift, that shines on. 

It takes courage, but speaking truth frees the spirit.  Please — stand up, speak out, and join us, for your future, and that of your loved ones, depends upon it. We will win. Good always triumphs over evil. We will do this, with you, or without you, but it will be terrific if you join us.

As Hannibal said all those years ago, “We will either find a way — or make one”.

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