Hiding in Plain Sight: Technocratic Tyranny Behind a Medical Mask (Link to PDF at Researchgate)

Here is an excerpt from a superb paper on Technocratic manipulations during the Covid pandemic exercise. Link to the full article below. Martin

2 authors, including:
Daniel Broudy
Okinawa Christian University

“Once the clouds of hysteria and confusion began to settle and the contours of a “New Normal” started taking shape, Big Tech emerged from the plumes of chaos cloaked in a Brave New mantle, having been crowned premier gatekeeper of a Brave New discipline:

The Science™.

As The Science™ (a.k.a. Anthony Fauci ) advanced, with Big Tech patrolling the margins of acceptable opinion margins of acceptable opinion, dazed and shell-shocked citizens grappled with the shrapnel of their former knowledge, trying to piece together a reasonable understanding of what had just occurred, as though their survival depended on it, which Google and Facebook told them it did. In the process, they found themselves clinging for dear life to their familiar news and social media feeds, holding onto their preferred outlets ever more tightly, with the frozen embrace of a frightened child.

Where else could they turn for their daily doses of trusted information with which to fight The Virus™, and, therefore, survive? How else were they to navigate the new and confusing micro-biologically dangerous world they suddenly found themselves inhabiting? Who else but Big Tech and Big Media to supply the kaleidoscopic stream of medical advice they craved, to ease the trauma of being stalked everywhere at all times by a mysterious and deadly pathogen, lurking in the very breath and touch of their dearest friend, promising to turn them into a deadly disease vector themselves? And where else but Big Tech and the World Wide Web could any of us go to continue conducting our daily lives?

Having been banished from the natural world, the mediated online world was our only resort…”

Full article here:

(PDF) Hiding in Plain Sight: Technocratic Tyranny Behind a Medical Mask (researchgate.net)

By the same author;

(PDF) The Serpent and the Staff: Symbols of Safety and Security in the Propaganda of Global Medical Tyranny (researchgate.net)

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