Did The US Military Seize Control Of News Media, For The Trump vs Biden Debate?

America is upside down. What just happened is unthinkable and mind-boggling. This represents a radical 180-degree turnaround. What is it? The ever-lying, completely corrupt news media stood up – to everyone’s amazement – against Deep State puppet and ultimate traitor Joe Biden, and unanimously promoted their worst enemy, Donald Trump, as the best candidate to become the next president of the United States.

After many years of smearing and slandering Donald Trump, lying their brains out, vomiting all over him, and humiliating anyone who believed in him – even labeling Trump supporters ‘domestic terrorists’ – all of a sudden the corrupt, criminal news media have shifted and dumped their crap on Biden instead of Trump!

What is going on here?  The answer will surprise you and will ignite tremendous hope for a better future.  But first, a bit of groundwork…

The Plan To Destroy America,
In Favor Of A One World Government

For the past decades, America has been suffering under the death grip of traitors who have been strategically destroying the United States from the inside out. One Deep State criminal after the other was positioned to be president: the Bushes, Clintons, Obama – all of these were servants of the wicked elites who have a diabolical agenda for world domination.

They needed to first eliminate the patriot movement in America, and according to former British intelligence officer Alex Thompson, thousands of patriots and freedom fighters were murdered during the sixties and seventies, after the murder of John F. Kennedy. The agenda to destroy America was in full swing, and seemed unstoppable.

Many globalist organizations were formed to further the agenda of a one world government, under the total control of unelected financial elites who would enslave every soul on the face of the Earth: the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, the Bank for International Settlements, the City of London, the WorldBank, the International Monetary Fund and many others.

All of these are owned and controlled by the same handful of people, some of whom are well known: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Osiris and others.

Victory was guaranteed. The world was being offered to them on a silver plate. Humanity would soon be but a herd of brain-dead cattle, totally mind-controlled by the news media and government propaganda, to obey every evil wish of these demons.

It was game over for the human race.

The End Of Humanity,
As Designed By The Global Leaders

These elites have even developed a technological alternative for launching their agenda to permanently end the original divine human race: humanoid robots – who must replace humans in the areas of healthcare, social services, psychological support, education, etc. The elites project that in the near future, our world will be dominated by these androids, who will be thousands of times more intelligent than all of humanity combined, thanks to the global AI network that continually gathers more and more knowledge and understanding from the billions of humans that are using it, who are unaware that by doing so, they are constantly empowering AI to become their overlords. Evidence for this is presented in our groundbreaking film, ‘The End Of Humanity‘. See below…


The entire key for the success of these elites is one single thing, and literally nothing else. That one single key, which has opened the door for them to have access to the minds of all of mankind, is the news media.

For decades, they have strategically worked to seize total control over every major news agency in the world, to ensure that they would completely control the narrative and determine – to the smallest detail – what every person on Earth believes, loves, hates, and does. See our documentary below…


They had unfailing confidence in their monopoly of the news. Even all the so-called conservative news channels like Fox News in the US were completely in the hands of these satanic entities, who owned all sides of the spectrum. Even the most courageous, loudest and wildest so-called ‘truth channels’ like InfoWars from Alex Jones, were nothing but an Israeli Mossad operation to control and misguide the millions of people seeking truth (Alex Jones, however, has evidently changed camp, and now appears to be working with the white hats – see this post).

There were very few real voices of truth that gained a prominent position of influence. Everything was controlled on all sides. Victory was guaranteed for the satanists who comprise the top of this worldwide network.

But then an earthquake happened….

The Disaster Of Donald Trump

In 2015, a presidential candidate emerged who was opposed to these elites.  A candidate with a fiery passion to restore America and see her become a truly independent nation again, liberated from the control of these wicked overlords who own the USA through Washington, DC (which is nothing but a franchise of the elites). That candidate was Donald J Trump

READ THE REST HERE: Did the US military seize control of news media, for the presidential debate? (stopworldcontrol.com)

(Loooong article but worth reading).


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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

7 thoughts on “Did The US Military Seize Control Of News Media, For The Trump vs Biden Debate?

  1. America’s past presidents now have total immunity, esp. when combined with self-pardon power:
    Your website presents a wider range of very valuable intelligent articles/videos. It seems unwise to propaganda-like promote general-pro-Trump comments by its editor (you); Just imagine if he proves to be a disaster (also with Israel due to his jewish relatives) — Can you trust a habitual fake-news propaganda creator not to deceive as president ?

    1. Just imagine Fritz. I alone would have the blood of the planet on my hands should Trump get into the White House again and it proves to be a disaster. It would be all my fault. Grow up mate. I’m permitted to express comments and opinions just as you are.

    2. “Presidents can murder, rape, steal, and pretty much do whatever they want, so long as they argue that murdering, raping, or stealing is part of the official job of the president of the United States. There is no crime that pierces the veil of absolute immunity.” says The Nation (MSM source) HOWEVER, that statement is not quite true.
      Another MSM source, the kansas Reflector, is less sensationalist and gets it right:
      “U.S. presidents enjoy full immunity from criminal charges for their official “core constitutional” acts, but no immunity for unofficial acts, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, sending former President Donald Trump’s election interference case back to the lower courts.”
      So in order to invoke immunity, Trump or any other president or ex-president must prove that their act was part of their official duty.
      In the absence of certainty, he can still be impeached while in office.
      There is actually NOTHING NEW in this, as US Presidents have participated indirectly in acts of mass murder either through ordering the US military to perform such acts as “Pre-emptive strikes” and “police actions” as part of their official duties.
      If a president served in the military or intelligence agencies at some point in his career, then he could well have participated directly in murder, torture or theft as part of his “official duties”.
      So nothing has changed, despite MSM hype that claims it has.
      I doubt there is a president, current or past, who has NOT participated in acts that would get the average citizen incarcerated for life.
      In the grand scheme of things, Trump would be among the lesser of offenders.

  2. Biden was obviously meant to hand over to Trump (a rich criminal with total immunity, now for every USA president…) as the only anti-democratic 2-party-FPP-(s)election fascist alternative” ; every other interpretation of his gross failure is naive. Trump will finally enshrine totalitarian rule that is also aimed for by the wolf-in-sheepskin fabians, a subsidiary of the freemasons just like Bush’s skull -and-bones… Democracy doesn’t work because these fascists traditionally did everything to prevent it — and sheeple swallow their MSM rats…

    Martin, you should know better by now instead of giving propaganda support for this fake-news monarch !

    1. “Martin, you should know better by now instead of giving propaganda support for this fake-news monarch !”
      I don’t think you’ve been reading my opinion comments Fritz. The articles I post here do not always reflect my personal views or ideologies and this particular item is no exception.
      I agree that this was all likely planned (and see the item I’m about to write about France for eg) but Trump having “total immunity”? YOU seem to have been listening to too much propaganda Fritz. Either that or you have a very simplistic view of how the legal system works!
      Whether or not Trump becomes the Ceasar of the US remains to be seen. Its a possibility and one will strongly entertain. Indeed there has been an article and video here on the topic.
      But will he be a cruel dictator? I seriously doubt it. Will he avert WW3? Probably.
      “Giving propaganda support” does not mean that I have to ONLY post articles here that cater to your personal beliefs and opinions Fritz.
      If you want a website that is tailored exclusively to your own ideology, WordPress accounts are 100% free.

      1. Your website presents quite a few very informative articles/videos from quite a few different directions; I simply criticised your personal propaganda-like general-pro-Trump comment that seems inconsistent with the website’s wider more objective presentations. After all, if Trump turns out to be a disaster, would you want to have partly caused it ? — Trump and most politicians would never bear responsibilities; Can a fake-news producer ever possibly deceive ? …

        1. “Personal propaganda-like general pro-Trump comment”. Lol! First you want to criticize my choice of articles now you want to label my personal opinions and comments as propaganda. And to add to the incredulity, you want to pre-emptively blame me for a potential Trump victory and what may (or may not) result of said victory. Sorry Fritz, but that’s insane.

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