…Trouble on the way… The Pentagon NMCC has moved to Raven Rock. COG activated. USSTRATCOM OP8044 activated.  The WH has been evacuated together with the three selected Acting Presidents. The Transponder on AF1 was disconnected. A fighter squadron from Andrews is sending that signal. The Insurrection Act signed last night. […]

Not only is Biden unacceptable as Dem frontman, but his choice of VP based purely on genitalia and melanin is a total failure. by G Squared 24/8/20 —————————————————————– A short clip that helps the understanding of the true filth that is CamelA Harris. And the files are full of it. […]

Interesting response, especially as many young Americans admit they will vote for Biden “because he isn’t Trump”. Just how well do they know what their president is doing for them? MH (Natural News) Campus Reform recently asked young Americans about President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders to suspend student loan payments and […]

Goldberg advised that Polanski was not “Rapey Rapey’. Behar advised that Creepy Joe’s penchant for molesting young women was just him being “A hands on guy”.  by G Squared Creepy, now out of the race, was on stage at his recent ‘No Malarkey Tour’, sucking his wife’s fingers, to a […]


Source: Prisonplanet.com Forum Joe Biden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOwb9l0DtRA&feature=related October 19th, 2008 – Seattle, WA “..so there’s gonna be a lot of tough decisions Barack’s gonna have to make, a lot of very tough decisions, including on foreign policy.  And here’s the point I want to make.  Mark my words.  Mark my words. […]

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