Best blog on the Trump Assassination attempt I’ve read so far. Kudos to Simplicious for the comprehensive detail MH SimpliciusSimplicius76 SubstackSun, 14 Jul 2024  Well, the nightmare scenario we’ve predicted for a long time is slowly unraveling. Trump was just shot at his rally in Butler, PA by a rooftop […]

I heard the news. I’m sure the whole world has heard it. Suddenly the spotlight is off Biden’s mental state and on the failed assassination attempt on Trump. Ed. Comment by Martin Harris 14/7/24 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump gestures as he is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service […]

Every time you hear a “climate change” scare story, that person was PAID. They are a Rockefeller stooge. They may not know it; but their profession has been entirely corrupted. AUTHOR: Elizabeth Nicksonelizabethnickson.substack.comSun, 07 Jul 2024 © Unknown This is the most public of their estates, but trust me on this, […]

France in chaos. A nation without a head. Macron’s panic over a potential right-wing takeover appears to have backfired terribly. Or perhaps it was planned that way. Perhaps Macron’s head is screwed on after all? Opinion by Martin Harris 9/7/24 Only a couple of weeks ago, the editorial team at […]

America is upside down. What just happened is unthinkable and mind-boggling. This represents a radical 180-degree turnaround. What is it? The ever-lying, completely corrupt news media stood up – to everyone’s amazement – against Deep State puppet and ultimate traitor Joe Biden, and unanimously promoted their worst enemy, Donald Trump, as the best candidate […]

Not that kind of mask. The latex kind. With the hyper-realism of physical disguises reaching this level, one has to wonder who Trump will be up against in the upcoming presidential debate: The decrepit, mentally vacant Joe Biden, or Obama in a mask? Wouldn’t you love to see a “Scooby […]

The Vatican is preparing to release a document giving guidance on how to discern supernatural phenomena. Timothy H.J. NerozziFox NewsWed, 08 May 2024  The Holy See Press Office announced the upcoming document will be published May 17 with a live-streamed press conference featuring Prefect for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of […]

The latest federal data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the fertility rate among U.S. women plummeted to just 1.6 births per woman in 2023. by Leo Hohmann   Jun 6, 2024 This is the lowest recorded birth rate since the U.S. government began keeping such statistics in the 1930s. […]