https://gawker.com/5843908/anonymous-leaks-personal-details-of-cop-who-pepper+sprayed-wall-street-protesters Anonymous is on the hunt for the cop featured in a video pepper-spraying Occupy Wall Street protesters for no apparent reason. They say they’ve found him, and are circulating a document with his and his family’s personal information. This could get ugly. According to a document posted on Pastebin.com, the cop […]


Day of action against government austerity cuts are held as eurozone debt crisis increases. english.aljazeera.net Protesters in Italy and Spain are holding a day of action against their government’s latest austerity measures. In Spain, protests are taking place in the capital Madrid, calling for a halt to constitutional reforms which […]

Source: guardian.co.uk Only a new way of managing the global economy can prevent more mayhem in the markets and on the streets For the past two centuries and more, life in Britain has been governed by a simple concept: tomorrow will be better than today. Black August has given us […]