A most excellent article. Bottom third is the core of the argument. [Ed] https://www.financialsense.com/contributors/daniel-amerman/hiding-a-depression-how-the-us-government-does-it HIDING A DEPRESSION: HOW THE US GOVERNMENT DOES IT Submitted by Daniel R Amerman CFA on Wed, 29 Dec 2010 OVERVIEW The real US unemployment rate is not 9.8% but between 25% and 30%. That is […]

Source: thestreet.com NEW YORK – It may just be the summer doldrums, or the ominous occurrence of a Friday the 13 in mid-August, but the Hindenburg Omen — a technical indicator of an impending stock market crash — is suddenly as important a market mover as testimony from Federal Reserve […]

Fears are growing for an economy carrying a 9.5% jobless rate and a predicted $4tn in excess mortgage debt Source: guardian.co.uk/business/ A crippled housing market. Stubbornly high levels of unemployment. Falling consumer confidence. Slower growth in industrial production. No wonder Ben Bernanke, the world’s most powerful central banker, appeared a worried […]