1949 : CIA backs military coup in Syria, ousting elected government. 1953 : CIA overthrows democratically elected Iranian government, placing the Shah in power. In 1951, Iranian parliament had nationalized the British Anglo-Iranian oil company. This popular move was spearheaded by the reformer, Mossadegh, who was elected prime minister shortly […]

January 30, 2010 The world’s TV is showing, as we might expect, a false picture of reality. In the case of Haiti, this is all the more outrageous given the circumstances. With barely disguised racism they paint the picture of a people who are suffering but “ignorant” and “barbarous”, incapable […]


I like Max Keiser. He likes the idea of guillotines for Wall Street bankers and their political supporters. Hey, it worked for the French. [ these people are not French. These people are Wall Street bankers and their political supporters. ] Watch video here

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