Legal analyst Jonathan Turley appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to explain how Democratic New York Rep. Daniel Goldman “demolished” President Joe Biden’s claim that he was not involved in Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. Brianna LymanThe Daily CallerWed, 26 Jul 2023  Turley was asked to explain his recent piece […]

In the midst of a brutal conflict in Ukraine, two of the world’s financial titans, BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase, are seemingly leading the charge in an ostensible humanitarian effort. Matt Agorist – Activist Post June 30, 2023 They are helping to establish the Ukraine Development Fund, a reconstruction bank designed […]

UFO Disclosure is getting serious now. While I have much more to say on this matter in an upcoming item, this “amnesty bill” is worth highlighting right here and now. Shades of the old MIB scenario! There is something much closer to earth than ET in the focus on “trans-medium […]

Not “Nuclear weapons” in the sense you might think, but deadly nevertheless. Ed’s note: Anyone who remembers Iraq will remember the depleted uranium shells left lying around in their thousands contaminated the ground and the water supply, resulting in long term health effects and birth defects: Slow genocide by default. […]