The Danske and Pensioner Bank (PKA) have decided to withdraw all investments from two Israeli companies, Elbit and Magal Security Systems, for their role in constructing the annexation wall in the occupied West Bank. The decision came after human rights groups and boycott campaigns declared the wall to be in […]


By Adam Horowitz | January 26, 2010 The aftermath of Israel’s ‘Dahiya doctrine’ in Beirut, 2006 As Israel prepares its response to the Goldstone Report, several articles indicate that its primary objective is to discredit the contention that it carried out, in the words of Ethan Bronner, “an official plan […]

[ yeah thanks for -nothing- you money-grubbing gold-digging adrenaline junkie -fucks- ] Here we go: New Orleans 2.0 [ a photo of five lost souls holding automatic weapons posing for a photo – with a blackhawk helicopter in the background of the photo ] We saw this type of Iraq-style disaster […]

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