by General Leonid Ivashov * General Leonid Ivashov was the Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces when the September 11, 2001, attacks took place. This military man, who lived the events from the inside, offers an analysis which is very different to that of his American colleagues. As […]


High Quality || Part 1 of 10 [youtube]r3OedIuaZto[/youtube] [youtube]dR0SfMG8aDs[/youtube] [youtube]gKKdC73Pdbc[/youtube] [youtube]1V0ugZQowXU[/youtube] [youtube]XBSxRA4qjo4[/youtube] [youtube]_i5Eoa5Bmus[/youtube] [youtube]oMdcEN-2j3E[/youtube] [youtube]7TOh67R3aZc[/youtube] [youtube]CoxNgPngNQY[/youtube] [youtube]YlYi2O2cLdY[/youtube] [youtube]


[youtube]mx3q2arm_ek[/youtube] [youtube]Ydo2Mwnwpac[/youtube] Epoch Times Climate change scientists have been manipulating and fixing data according to bloggers that are spreading information contained in hundreds of hacked emails. Bloggers say the 62 mb worth of emails were hacked from the Climate Research Unit, part of Britain’s University of East Anglia and […]


More international community members condemn Israel over plans to authorize construction of 900 new housing units at Gilo, a settlement built illegally on Palestinian land occupied in the 1967 war. China criticized the Israeli government’s move to expand a Jewish neighborhood in the part of Jerusalem, Al-Quds, claimed by Palestinians, […]

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