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Category: Military and Defense

Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities

Washington’s dirty hands control regional belligerence.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (AFP Photo / Fabrice Coffrini)

Longstanding policy unleashed a regional bloodbath.

[ Afghanistan, 2002 ]

It advances America’s imperium.

Willing partners include NATO and Middle East allies.

[ Iraq, 2003 ]

They’re serial killers for their own self-interest.

Post-9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were ravaged.

[ Libya, 2011 ]

Destroying Syria is underway.

[ Syria, yesterday ]

Expect Iran and other targeted states to follow.

A previous article discussed Canadian psychiatrist Robert Hare.

He describes psychopathic behavior clinically.

Administration and congressional leaders exhibit prominent features.

They’re amoral, unethical, deceitful, and manipulative.

They breach social and legal standards.

They suffer no remorse.

They’re callously unconcerned about others.

They’re indifferent to human suffering.

They’re “without conscience.”

Their agenda is global conquest and dominance.

They’re clinically insane.

They’re psychopathic.

They should be interned for their own good and ours.

No other way can stop them from harming others.

The alternative is letting them ravage the world one country at a time and destroy it.


Hare warned that otherwise we’re doomed.

We’re all in it together.

We have two choices.

We can live in peace or perish.

There’s no in between.

There’s no time to waste.


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Army Report ~ AWOLs Up 234%

Tucked into this massive Army report on suicide is an interesting fact:

Since 2004, the number of soldiers going AWOL, deserting, and “missing movement”

– that is failing to deploy when they’re supposed to –

has gone up a shocking 234 percent.

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7th Psychological Operations Group ~ Moffett Federal Air Field, California

7th Psychological Operations Group, USACAPOC(A)

[ … and in the weekends – these wankers go skiing ]

You can keep an eye on them here

And here’s their website

Video Of Fights & Fire In Troubled Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan begs Russia’s help to quell ethnic violence

Kyrgyzstan imposed a state of emergency in a second southern city as its interim leader warned ethnic violence is spiralling “out of control” and asked Russia to send in troops.

Interim President Roza Otunbayeva appealed to Moscow to intervene militarily after at least 75 people were killed and 977 wounded, according to the health ministry, in nearly three days of unrest.

“Since yesterday the situation has got out of control. We need outside military forces to halt the situation. For this reason we have appealed to Russia for help,” said Otunbayeva in a nationally televised address.

But while Moscow said it was rushing humanitarian aid to the former Soviet Central Asian republic, a spokeswoman for President Dmitry Medvedev said it would not yet send troops.

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Why Does The USA Ignore Israel’s Terrorism?


An excellent analysis by Stephen Lendman:

Nigeria’s agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it


John Vidal, environment editor
The Observer, Sunday 30 May 2010

The Deepwater Horizon disaster caused headlines around the world, yet the people who live in the Niger delta have had to live with environmental catastrophes for decades

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Thousands Of Anti-Israel Protesters Take To Streets Across The Planet