Is Chris Trotter good company? Not if we are to choose our friends on their looks. Foreword by Simon Taylor squarewhiteworld.com You might already have seen this. You might not have. Worth a read. Classic Trotter-waving – the sort the left are wary of these days. To the point of […]

As with Naomi Klein, when Scott Ritter has something to say, I stop and listen…Sorry Jon, but I think there will be a terrible war with Iran.  I think what we’re experiencing is false hope and the “calming of the storms” for the election.  They always do that and they […]

“New Zealand” was a great idea – it nearly came to nought, By killing off real poets’ passion its life would be brutal – short; To the rescue “Campbell Live” with a passionate kiwi mayor: “Bring back the Death Penalty” and other passionate fascist gear. Rapture in the raupo! Poetry […]

https://www.opednews.com/articles/Murder-of-Dignity-by-Mark-Sashine-080712-8.html July 12, 2008 Murder of Dignity By Mark Sashine Prelude, 2008. There  are cities you love at the first sight. Venice comes to mind, Paris or St. Petersburg. And there are cities which you have never seen but  you love them as a legend. For me it  was New […]


By Jason Miller https://www.bestcyrano.org/THOMASPAINE/?p=772 6/30/08 Both George Bush and Dick Cheney have emphatically proclaimed the American Way of Life as “non-negotiable.” As hard as it may be for the feeble-minded, deluded, conscienceless, or hopelessly addicted to grasp, Mother Nature and billions of human beings are going to force us to […]


A Totally Lawless Regime By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS Think about this question: In the 21st century what regime is more lawless than the Bush Regime? Everyone is entitled to his own answer. The only answer I can come up with is the Zimbabwe regime of Robert Mugabe. Voted out of […]

I don’t try too hard to be anyone other than myself. There are real benefits from ‘keeping it real’. So when my column was published in the debut issue of Uncensored, I was under no illusions as to what some folks might think of what I had written. I was […]