After the US military tried to prevent access, western reporters have been able to interview Afghan Massacre witnesses who report multiple soldiers assisted by helicopter support. The witnesses give first hand accounts saying that a group of 20 soldiers participated in the attack and were assisted by a helicopter that […]


[ A B-1 bomber taking off from the recently ‘stolen-from-it’s-former-inhabitants-for-an-Anglo-airbase’ island of Diego Garcia ] Avoiding another war of choice will require a media that digs beyond agenda-driven analysis and prevents the debate from being curtailed. It will require a media that doesn’t permit a question of life and death […]

It’s an intrigue befitting the machinations of classical colonialism in past centuries, such as the Sykes-Picot carve-up of the Middle Eastern Levant territories, or the betrayal of the Arabs after World War I, or the theft of Mesopotamia’s oil by British capitalists. Only this time, it is Arabs who are […]


The recent talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have reached a standstill, with the Israeli negotiators refusing to present borders between Israel and a future Palestinian state. [ Israel can’t present its own borders to anyone – because it is constantly expanding them. Outward. This is the root cause of […]

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