“To Shoot An Elephant” is an eye witness account from The Gaza Strip. December 27th, 2008, Operation Cast Lead. [youtube]JXHB2dnd42Q[/youtube] Urgent, insomniac, dirty, shuddering images from the only foreigners who decided and managed to stay embedded inside Gaza strip ambulances, with Palestinian civilians on the receiving end of tanks, helicopter […]

There has been a fresh round of articles appearing recently concerning world population, suggesting that journalists may have grown tired finally of writing / worrying / bullshitting about climate change. Indeed, Google Trends indicates that articles on population growth have doubled since 2008. Apparently, 2011 is the year the planet […]

The United States government has repeatedly stated that the treat from Al-Qaeda against America is very real, and that all action is being taken to eliminate that threat. Nobody in their right mind would question such a serious assessment about a sensitive national security matter from the world’s leading democracy. […]