According to new revelations, Assange had allegedly struck a deal with Israel before the recent ‘cable gate’, which may explain why the leaks “were good for Israel,” as the Israeli prime minister put it. A number of commentators, particularly in Turkey and Russia, have been wondering why the hundreds of […]


https://criminalstate.com/2010/12/wikileaks-–-more-israeli-game-theory-warfare/ “The United States is the real victim of WikiLeaks. It’s an action aimed at discrediting them.” Franco Frattini, Foreign Minister of Italy The impact of the WikiLeaks release of diplomatic cables fits the behavior profile of those well versed in game theory warfare. When Israeli mathematician Robert J. Aumann […]


https://www.sott.net/articles/show/218807-Wiki-Leaks-Serves-Israeli-Agenda-Of-Demonizing-Iran I obviously missed the momentous occasion when the mainstream media turned anti-war. But who can now deny that it is so when we see Wiki-leaks and the mainstream media joining forces to expose the ugly truth of the US invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently, what the US […]