Something’s VERY WRONG On The Space Station.. A small leak on the ISS raises serious claims of possible sabotage according to Russia. Also more in this vid on Sonic Weapon attacks on US Embassy employees! SEE ALSO  

That’s not so far away, and requires a new super powerful launch system! The Gateway moniker rouses my interest. Possible connection to Christchurch NZ Gateway (Mars Mission training in Antarctica)? Here’s the article from Futurism: See Also

“Planning and Preparing” for an Alpine event they say. So watch out for more political shenanigans and hidden agendas revolving around forthcoming seismic events. Take head from the Christchurch scenario, Wellingtonians especially. Here’s the MSM story from Newshub: Simulation shows widespread damage if Alpine Fault ruptures Newshub staff Scientists, working […]

What could the NWO do with this tech? Who’s real and who isn’t? Scary. And this is even scarier!… 3Lateral Published on Mar 22, 2018 3Lateral applied its new Meta Human Framework© that merges volumetric capture, reconstruction and compression technology to bring to life breakthrough digital replica of […]

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