Rolling out into the headlines again to spread further messages of fear, Michael Baker is a public health physician and Professor in the Department of Public Health at Otago University in Wellington with an ornamental academic record. Most New Zealanders know him as a media spokesperson for the Ministry of Health’s […]

Now here’s an interesting potential partnership. You think Carlson would accept? MH Dominick MastrangeloThe HillThu, 09 Nov 2023 Former President Trump says he’d consider Tucker Carlson as a potential running mate in 2024. “I like Tucker a lot; I guess I would,” Trump said during an appearance on The Clay Travis and Buck […]

Peterson conducts a superb interview with author and investigative journalist Miranda Devine on the sordid details of the Hunter Biden’s laptop and the events of his father’s presidency. 392,500 views Oct 6, 2023 The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast Dr. Jordan B Peterson and writer Miranda Devine discuss her 2021 […]

Masked body-double for Biden caught “fleeing the scene”. Surely they could be more subtle than this? Or perhaps the Useful Idiot has served his purpose, and they want us to know…? Thanks to Jon Eisen for the link. From the archives:

Step aside Mexico, here’s Nancy. The US has a real live alien, albeit cunningly disguised as a well-known and suitably reptile-like political figure. Maybe Icke was right. It certainly didn’t sound like a joke to me, more like a deliberate comment casually thrown in as a test to see who’s […]