Water fluoridation has been around for just over 60 years and whilst the practice has become widespread, particularly in Western nations, it’s always been a controversial and often passionately argued one. Huw GriffithsNew Dawn MagazineTue, 01 Jan 2019 15:50 UTC My formative moment in the fluoride ‘debate’, one that cathartically […]

MUST READ: While addressing Australians’ specifically, this warning is for ALL nations: Big Brother is Watching You..and  probably reading this…! Thanks to “J” for bringing this to our attention: Illustration: Sturt Krygsman.  By Fergus Hanson  11:00PM October 22, 2018 Many of us are unaware a transformational digital initiative […]

The Wizard is China of course. While the MSM shouts from the rooftops about Russian meddlers, China quietly influences world politics beneath the radar! This was the situation a year ago regarding Turnbull’s standing with China: “…The prime minister, who has promised tougher laws against “foreign interference” and tighter restrictions […]

“If the state forced a child to be vaccinated and the child had a significant medical reaction and potentially died as a result of that, that would be a huge burden that the state would have put on those parents.” – Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key by Emma […]

Here comes the start of Social Credit: Facial Recognition and demerit points.  Facial recognition technology to begin to used for online Government services Users will need to upload a photo to access MyGov and Centrelink benefits Some have questioned whether technology could be open to fraud and misuse Centrelink will […]

After the absurd theatre of May, Rudd, Johnson, and Williamson, pretending that Putin sprayed the unwanted, low end, traded-pawn Skripal, and his daughter, with some ‘Military Grade’ nonsense, May announced to the world that England would not be going to The Russian World Cup. The goose who LOST the last […]

Reagan had the same catch phrase as Trump. The variation of ‘Make America Great Again’. As Whitlam in Australia had a similar slogan to Manzies’; ‘It’s Time’. There are also similarities between Trump and Whitlam in their management styles, and desires to improve the state of their nations. After the […]

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