The official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Wu Qian, said that the PLA is ready, together with the Russian Armed Forces, to defend justice in the world. via Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zeng Wu Qian stressed that the Chinese armed forces are willing to work together with […]

China has secretly built an aircraft carrier for drones. The approximately 500-foot vessel appears in recent satellite photos of an obscure shipyard on the Yangtze River outside Shanghai. David Axe – The Daily Telegraph May 23, 2024 It’s not the first big-deck warship designed to launch and recover unmanned aerial vehicles. Turkey commissioned an […]

News we simply don’t hear in the mainstream. Putin may or may not have been a target, but Jennifer Zeng’s report and footage is important nevertheless as the New World Order continues to take shape. SEE ALSO: Meanwhile, I can attest to the spectacular auroral displays over Christchurch skies last […]

Breaking insights into what the United States’ stance is towards China and the CCP’s efforts to collect, track, and edit the genome of every human being. You may be shocked by the evidence discussed. KAREN KINGSTONMAY 4 May 3, 2024: Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to ‘improve […]

Denials are flooding out from “experts” and weather mod companies alike (its “safe and effective”). Yet both China and Dubai openly boast of using cloud seeding to modify the weather. Naturally the finger is pointed at that catch-all boogeyman, climate change. What do you think? MH © Christopher Pike/Bloomberg via […]

China, Russia, and Iran: All as predicted and planned in the latest war theatre. So predictable in fact that was even a strategy game about it. MH China supporting Russia in massive military expansion, US says AFP – Apr 12, 2024 China is helping Russia undertake its biggest military expansion […]

“Large genomic data sets collected from abroad affords China vast opportunities to precisely target individuals in foreign governments for… surveillance, manipulation, and extortion.” April 5, 2024: Can China’s People’s Liberation Army use personal information and genetic data to manipulate and extort U.S. military and government leaders? Yes. Remember when the media reported […]

Washington uses hyped-up foreign threats as a pretext for military expansion in space, Beijing’s defense spokesman has said… RTFri, 01 Mar 2024 © Michael Stonecypher/US Air Force/Getty Images Technicians in protective suits conduct post-landing checks on the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California Washington uses hyped-up […]