Interesting perspective on the whole Trump/Comey/Russian collusion scenario: “The Democrats are not fighting Trump over his assault on health care, his attacks on immigrants, his militaristic bullying around the world, or even his status as a minority president who can claim no mandate after losing the popular vote. Instead, […]

by The_Real_Fly Jun 8, 2017 4:19 PM   Content originally published at   The big story out of today’s testimony had nothing to do with Trump collusion or obstruction of justice, but the revelation that Comey had, in fact, willingly leaked both privileged and classified information to a friend […]

  Thanks To Jeffrey at The Con Trail for the heads up   Trump Dropping the Hammer on Comey   5/20/2017 03:25:00 AM Submitted to Operation Disclosure,   Information ‘Beyond Excellent’! Make it go viral…Bob J Dropping the Hammer on Comey… Brilliant! There are very few crime/mystery novels that […]