More confirmation (Via Bonesman Kerry) of the “equal poverty for everyone except us” agenda that the elites are plotting. MH Pope Francis also recently called for a ‘new economic system’ Leo Hohmann – Nov 10, 2022 The World Economic Forum’s climate change agenda was “modeled” off the effort to […]

“Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more..” will be a line familiar to Monty Python fans. But despite the comedic name, there’s nothing funny about this outfit. MH From Reclaim the Net: “Nudge Unit” recommends banks track carbon footprint of transactions, reward “sustainable behaviors” An influential United Kingdom (UK) based […]

Ardern said, “the world is watching New Zealand” and she was right, but for the wrong reasons! Martin Harris 6/11/22 Not so sure about Morris’s claim “the WEF is winning” as New Zealanders have made their feeling felt and our government has lost its support in a huge way. The […]

In 2008, an article touting the benefits of world hunger for creating a cheap, motivated workforce was published on the United Nations’ website. The article resurfaced recently on Twitter and went viral; it was promptly taken down by the U.N. within 24 hours. 2nd Smartest Guy in the World — Oct […]

A major survey into the accuracy of climate models has found that almost all the past temperature forecasts between 1980-2021 were excessive compared with accurate satellite measurements. Chris MorrisonThe Daily ScepticSat, 08 Oct 2022 A major survey into the accuracy of climate models has found that almost all the past […]

Beyond Meat, the company that makes “meat substitutes,” is in trouble. According to Bloomberg, the company’s stock has lost 77% of its value over the last year. Rick MoranPJ MediaWed, 05 Oct 2022 In fact, all plant-based meat substitutes are losing customer share. Sales of refrigerated meat alternatives at retailers are down […]

‘Woke’ Teacher is living proof that sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover… ‘Anarchist’ Middle School English Teacher Admits He Wants to ‘Burn Down the Entire System’ After Previously Being Exposed for ‘Woke’ Indoctrination of Students … ‘F**k’ the Parents … ‘I’m Your Parent Now’ Project Veritas Project […]