Hi Freedom loving kiwis.  After much difficulty I have got a petition onto the NZ Parliament Website  A Petition for a  Royal Commission of Inquiry into the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines Please Sign and share far and wide  Let’s send the New Zealand Government a clear message […]

ACT NOW! Freedom to make informed choices, or enforced medication? From Pam Vernon at EWR: Petition request: That the House of Representatives urge theGovernment to ensure that the use of any coronavirus vaccine isvoluntary in New Zealand and that no coercion will be applied to NZersfrom Government or private entities to take it. […]

9/11 Petition Read in Canadian Parliament https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_B_vxGbYEU 9/11 Blogger.com | June 12, 2008 New Democratic Party Deputy House Leader Libby Davies delivers a Parliamentary Petition signed by over 500 Canadians demanding a new 9/11 investigation, in Canada’s House of Commons during Routine Proceedings at 1:10 pm on June 10, 2008 […]