The latest power grab is unsurprisingly attributable to Victoria’s government (Australia).  And we all know that what starts in Victoria does not always end in Victoria.  Source: Alter Fritz “Corona 1984 House of Cards to crumble”  It is the mandatory data-collecting bill WITHOUT opt-out, which proposes that medical practitioners report patients’ medical […]

Something you won’t learn at school, at least not these days. When I was at school, we studied 1984 and Animal Farm with a view to avoidance. Now authoritarianism is being promoted. here’s the antidote. MH Academy of Ideas Academy of Ideas Get the transcript… Subscribe on Rumble: […]

Minority Report edges closer to reality. When Precrime tech like this is guided by governments, is it ever fairly applied, or is it destined to be a weapon against political opposition? MH Precrimes By Didi Rankovic If you’re tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim […]

Think things are bad in your corner of the world? Watch this example of rampant totalitarianism. And who is Administrator of Tokelau ? Ross Ardern. Administrator’s Corner ( He’s Been Placed Under House Arrest For 11 Months And Counting Thanks to Liz Gunn at for bringing this to our […]

A research group funded by the Government are warning that people critical of the Government are a danger to society. Is it 1933, 1984 or 2022? from ‘Dangerous speech’, especially speech from those opposed to or negatively affected by the Government’s covid response who protested at Parliament earlier this […]