Not that kind of mask. The latex kind. With the hyper-realism of physical disguises reaching this level, one has to wonder who Trump will be up against in the upcoming presidential debate: The decrepit, mentally vacant Joe Biden, or Obama in a mask? Wouldn’t you love to see a “Scooby […]

Short memories. Government relies on it. Who remembers the big selling point of the Trump 2016 election campaign? Something about a wall…border control… Even CNN remembers! I remember the mid-terms when the Republicans were hobbled in their wall-building endeavors, and I remember when Biden tottered into the Oval Office and […]

Hitler is the “go-to” name among many historical commentators for political and ideological evil, and mainstream media has been quick to compare Russian president Putin, But rarely do we actually get to hear what the two figures have to say as a yardstick for actual comparison. Now is your opportunity…and […]

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Fico was no longer in a ‘life-threatening condition, following an operation that went well, according to Deputy prime minister Tomáš Taraba. Security men bundle a wounded Robert Fico into a limousine shortly after he was shot. Slovakia’s interior minister, Matúš Šutaj-Eštok, said the perpetrator of the […]

More to this presentation than the title and thumbnail would suggest. Machiavelli is just the starting-point for a deep-dive into how modern politics and economics are manipulated and controlled. MH The Life Guide The Life Guide Niccolo Machiavelli is one of the greatest political philosophers of all time, with his […]