A Smart City is an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record even the most intimate, personal details of everyone.  Author: David Sorenson, https://stopworldcontrol.com/ The goal is to know everything about everybody: what you eat and drink, where you go, what you buy, […]

When Jordan Peterson says it like this, the under-the radar creep towards a Technocracy looks damned terrifying in its near inevitability. Take heed! Martin Dec 10, 2022 Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Jordan Peterson telling Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi about why a totalitarian social […]

MUST LISTEN  — “Common versus Sovereign People”  – 98% of the population will be dispossessed- Sovereign people, i.e. the super-rich will get everything. HenryMakow.com – July 21, 2022 Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.com Seems implausible now, but a whistle blower in touch with a group of white hat […]

In televised remarks recently, President Biden urged private businesses and universities to institute a China-style “social credit” system whereby some individuals are denied basic rights and privileges if they hold “wrong” views on matters such as health and medicine. How far will this go? By Ron Paul Liberty Report Also today, […]