Who remembers Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)? Take a look at these captioned screenshots. The scenario strangely echoes current events. The story begins with a series of ariel close encounters between aircraft and UFOs over US airspace. At first balloons are suspected, but the witnesses report […]

The subjects of Ukraine and UFOs seem to be converging like puzzle pieces clicking into place. The latest from the Mainstream via Live Science: Brandon SpecktorLIve ScienceFri, 16 Sep 2022 Astronomers observed dozens of objects that “cannot be scientifically identified.” The skies over Kyiv are swarming with unidentified flying objects […]

UFOs aren’t just real, they’re capable of mind-bending feats of flight and have a keen interest in toying with the US’ nuclear facilities. That’s according to an intelligence official tasked with investigating these phenomena. *Please be sure to read my comments below the article. Martin. RTWed, 09 Jun 2021 Speaking […]