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Donald Trump: Full Press Conference Footage

LIVE FEED: Oroville Dam Spillway Imminent Failure, West Coast US. Plus Updates.

new live feed as the last one expired. Yes it’s Fox news, but it’s the coverage that matters at this stage rather than the source.

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Pilger On RT: Very Interesting Interview

Seth Rich: New Evidence Emerges

According to a new interview Wikileaks envoy Craig Murray and former British ambassador stated the he personally flew to the United States and was handed both the DNC emails and the Podesta emails.

The Big Question

The Wall: “Beginning Today…”


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Message to the Amazon Warrior and Big Oil

Published on 15 Jan 2017
A message to oil companies Statoil, Chevron and their servants GET OUT OF OUR WATERS – From the indigenous communities of Te Ikaroa.

A copy of this message is found in the Te Ikaroa petition, please show your support, please sign

Further information available:

TV news coverage

Trump’s Inaugural Speech:RT.