Icelandic authorities arrested the former chief executive of collapsed bank Kaupthing on Thursday — the first high profile banker to be detained in the wake of the tiny Nordic country’s financial crisis. The special prosecutor tasked with investigating the Icelandic banking crash of October 2008 said that Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson […]

Political analysts in Japan say Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s reversal on a key campaign pledge is likely to cost him in coming elections. Mr. Hatoyama told residents of Okinawa this week it will probably be impossible to completely move a U.S. marine base off the island. Japanese Prime Minister Yukio […]


[ Or – ‘What happens When You Fu@k Other People Over For Long Enough’ ] Unless you are paying attention you wouldn’t know the entire European economy is collapsing, starting with Greece. A group of several thousand protestors gathered outside parliament in Greece on Thursday to protest against […]