Announcing the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition


Since the 60 Minutes program aired with Allan Smith being cured of Swine Flu (and hairy cell Leukaemia) using high dose intravenous Vitamin C, much activity and excitement has resulted.

One of our members has recently been contacted by someone whose family member just died of Swine Flu after the medics refused to administer high dose intravenous Vitamin C.

It comes as no surprise to HFNZ that the medicos are closing ranks, and since Allan Smith’s recovery not one other patient has been permitted to have high dose intravenous Vitamin C administered. Intravenous Vitmain C is a registered medicine in New Zealand and refusing to administer treatment that has been requested, we see as a breach of both health freedom and patients rights.

As of today there have been 10 deaths caused by Swine Flu this year. We say that most (if not all of these people) would still be alive today if they had been given high dose intravenous Vitamin C.

When we have an iatrogenic (Caused by Doctor) death toll three times that of the road toll, one wonders why the medicos wouldn’t want to decrease this death by doctor statistic and administer life saving therapies. There are numerous documented cases and research on the benefits of high dose Vitamin C. In the words of Allan Smith’s brother “you’d have to be a bit thick” not to see that it works.

In response to the people that have had their rights violated by the medical profession through their failure to serve therapy that heals, the “Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition” has been formed by a number of patients and family members, and Health Freedom NZ will be spearheading the campaign in association with them.

You are invited to join the coalition. The purpose is to:


Support the right of the patient to have intravenous Vitamin C administered if they choose.


Support the right of the patient to have a second opinion if their Doctor refuses, and their right to have the physician of their choice.


Raise awareness to the nation as to the legitimacy of Vitamin C as a cure for swine flu and other diseases.


Provide patients and their families with advice regarding their rights.


Provide support in the form of protest Vigils outside hospitals that continue to refuse the high dose intravenous Vitamin C treatment that saved Alan Smiths Life.

Do you want to be part of making History once again? We have a unique opportunity to participate in turning the tide in our healthcare system and have Vitamin C accepted as a legitimate treatment – the time is ripe!

We are looking for a team of people to represent Health Freedom New Zealand in the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition. We have a number of public meetings, vigils and letter writing campaigns planned for everyone to attend, but right now we desperately need team leaders to help with various aspects of the campaign. It doesn’t matter what skills you have, passion and drive are all that is needed. We can define roles and tasks once the team has formed.

If you feel a calling to be part of a team to help get Vitamin C into our hospitals and stop needless deaths occurring, please step forward and email Sarah at with your phone number, town you live in and best times to contact you. Thanks for your support as always.

Nicola Grace
Spokeswomen for HFNZ


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