Water + Sunlight = Hydrogen & Oxygen Hydrogen is a great fuel. What if you could make it at home, easily, cheaply, safely? You can. Dan Nocera made it open source. MIT has the patent. The new catalyst developed by MIT researchers consists of cobalt metal, phosphate and an electrode. […]

Recently, Director Oliver Stone Travelled ’round South America with a film crew and Had Video Camera Chats with all the major heads of state of all the States Of South America [ & as documentaries go this one cuts right through the bullshit that’s been crammed down your throat for […]

[youtube]3Ii1JhHCRNY[/youtube] [ The phrase ‘receiving end’ – leaps readily to mind here ] In other news from Afghanistan, a new public opinion poll of young Afghan men in Kandahar and Helmand provinces has been released by the International Council on Security and Development. The poll founded that 92 percent of […]

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