Feature-length documentary about a platoon of American soldiers stationed in Korangal Valley in Afghanistan. The name “Restrepo”, comes from the medical platoon, all of which died during the war. This place is one of the most dangerous jobs in the army of the United Zjedynoczonych. The intention of the filmmakers, […]

Consequent upon Tom Levy’s visit to NZ last August. – Ed. https://www.orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v06n26.shtml Vitamin C And The Law A Personal Viewpoint by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D. (OMNS November 11, 2010) As a patient, you have the right to any therapy that is not prohibitively expensive, established to be effective, and […]

https://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/news/2010/11/ecuador_offers_a_home_for_founder_of_wikileaks.php Official in Ecuador’s leftist government offers residence for embattled founder of Wikileaks GONZALO SOLANO AP News Nov 29, 2010 20:28 EST If WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange needs a home, Ecuador’s deputy foreign minister says this Andean nation is happy to provide one. The 39-year-old Australian, who has incensed and embarrassed Washington with the release by […]


Source: globalresearch.ca Since the dramatic release of a US military film of a US airborne shooting of unarmed journalists in Iraq, Wiki-Leaks has gained global notoreity and credibility as a daring website that releases sensitive material to the public from whistleblowers within various governments. Their latest “coup” involved alleged leak of thousands of pages of […]

Source: https://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/flashback-wikileaks-chief-5gb-dirt-bank-america/ In an interview published Monday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange revealed that his whistleblower website intends to publish a trove of secret documents exposing the corruption of a major American bank. He declined to say which bank, but he offered what may be a telling hint last year as […]