Silenced Witnesses Vol. 2:  The Parents’ Story:  The Denial of Vaccine Damage by Government, Corporations and the Media. Written by the Parents Edited by Martin J. Walker 290 pages, paperback, with index Copyright Slingshot Publications First published November 2009 ISBN: 978-0-9519646-6-8 12.95 (pounds) “On the 17th May 1993 we […]

Just a few months ago, I did an article on a plummeting sperm count report from the Israeli Sperm Bank at University Hospital in Jerusalem. Long story short, all Israeli male teenagers make a sperm deposit at the University Hospital on entering their compulsory two years of military service. The […]


Lawrence Davidson considers the problems of private realities – the fact that ”there are people who do occasionally attain power whose private realities are fantasy driven” & the fact that “most individual realities are … the artificial creations of a manipulated information environment brought to us by way of the […]

The Obama administration is playing a dangerous game of chicken on the Korean peninsula and it could end in war. North Korea responded to provocative joint military operations between the US and South Korea off its coast by shelling nearby Yeonpyeong Island which lies in disputed waters. The North’s artillery […]

Source: “The federal government has stood by as officials who approved torture and degrading treatment have stood above the law, escaping even investigation into their actions. This impunity for potential human rights abuses harms our national values, and our interests.” ~ People’s Campaign for the Constitution ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Secretly and […]