Mainstream Media Ignore Greek Protests

Thousands of Greeks took to the streets of the capital on Wednesday
for a protest against a fresh wave of austerity measures which was marred by violence
as a general strike brought international travel and public services to a standstill.


The walkout — Greece’s seventh general strike this year —
grounded flights,
kept ferries in ports,
halted train services
& shut down government offices and schools
while leaving hospitals to operate on emergency staffing
and causing a news blackout as journalists joined the action.


Public transport was operating for most of the day to enable Athenians to attend demonstrations in the city center.


Mainstream Media Ignore Greek Protests

It is interesting to see the virtual blackout on European TV about Greek protests turning increasingly violent.

As the world has started a discussion about the role of journalism
here is a good example that omission of facts is still one of the most widely used tricks in the business.

Now here’s a quiz :

Which of the 2 following videos has not been seen by EU politicians ?

[youtube]WnMq6SG9k4U[/youtube] [youtube]GrTui2D8_9o[/youtube]


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