US Presidential Bloodlines

Who are these people? Where do they come from? How do they get in power?

These were compelling questions I pondered after hearing an author explain the special incestuous bloodlines of the US presidents.

Americans line up to vote for two parties portraying opposing interests.

We know them as the Democrat and Republican parties.

They spew out mendacious discourse,

which is nothing more than hyperbole about how they are going to offer change and make things better.

Behind the scenes they are shaking hands, laughing and having drinks together.

This is typical politics and typical business.

As one independent journalist stated, what the US government is telling the people

and what is really going on

are two very different things.

It may come as a surprise for some that almost all of the US presidents are genetically related.

US Politicians serve a wider agenda as their salaries are paid for by the elite corporations,

which finance the lobbying for them to be placed in power.

We should also consider that the US Supreme Court has passed a law

stating corporations have the same rights as individuals.

These are not precarious circumstances,

but quite convenient and planned out protocols.

The primary ruling families of the Western World are an ancient bloodline of  antique origin.

They use nationalism, religion, land and race to divide and conquer.

Bloodlines meant everything to these beings.

These elite families were the global power pyramid, and ruled the world from ancient Egypt.

Furthermore, they did not disappear.

They migrated from Egypt to Europe

and to the new world.

The elite families spread through Europe, and when it came to marriage, they kept it “in the family.”

The reason why royalty could only marry royalty was to preserve the bloodline

and of course keep the wealth in the family.

In time the bloodline established its global rule in the US.

They want to be worshiped as gods and consider the masses as inferior animals,

which are as dispensable as a pawn in a game of chess.

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