Constitutional Conference for Revolutionary Reform – Sat 12th March AK


Empowering Ordinary People Through
Ethics, Education, and Freedom from their Social Prisons.

A Way Forward to
Hope, Equality, Human Rights, and Direct Democracy in the
Real Republic of NZ

When: Sat 12th March 10AM – 4PM
Where: Methodist Church cnr K Rd and Pitt St

Guest Speakers – Activists Forum – Question Time
Free Lunch (Sausage Rolls and Pavlova)

Anthony Ravlich and will be the Keynote Speaker. Rosslyn Noonan, the Chief Human Rights Commissioner, will also be in attendance.

Anthony Ravlich will be showing how the Pakeha/Maori elite partnership under the Treaty of Waitangi has superceded human rights, originally inherited from Britain in the common law, as the belief we stand for as a nation.

This has been achieved by the omission of a number of human rights in our human rights law which the UN Human Rights Committee has told New Zealand to include on three occasions since the bill of rights was enacted in 1990.

New Zealanders have been completely unaware of the importance the establishment attach to such a ‘road map’ which determines ‘who gets what’. Section 5(a) of the NZ Human Rights Act has since 1993 required that New Zealanders be educated in human rights but the commission states it has never been funded.

Geoffrey Palmer was made Prime Minister for two years primarily to have the NZ Bill of Rights Act passed into law.

The human rights omissions greatly favor the Pakeha/Maori elites and are designed to create a ‘tribal society’. The consequences for New Zealand have been shocking as evidenced by terrible social statistics e.g. recently the country rapporteur for New Zealand on the UN Committee for children described rates of child maltreatment here as ‘staggering’ – New Zealand has been purged of many of its ‘tall poppies’ to ensure unquestioning obedience to the human rights agenda and the list of human rights abuses because of the manipulation of human rights goes on. I will be holding those responsible for the omissions to account as well as seeking compensation for the NZ tragedy at the bottom of the social scale which I described in the Auckland High Court last June. Judge Lyn Stevens (now on the appeal court) was also very concerned and asked me why I had not informed New Zealand society earlier.

But it is the second part of my talk which is likely to eventually get much international attention. The ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization, which I promote and which has been adopted by the Republic Party of NZ, promises to take over from neo liberalism as the world’s dominant way of thinking. The ethical approach continues from my book ‘Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights (Lexington Books 2008)’ which is a recommended book on the United Nations Practitioner’s Portal on HRBA Programming The latter shows that a lack of human rights conceptual development at the United Nations which amazingly only considers helping those suffering the worst human rights violations and overlooks the obvious that it is not just about keeping people in a state of dependence, as in a ‘tribal system’, but also allowing them the additional dignity of ‘helping themselves’. The addition of the self-help rights has profound implications for humanity. It was this weakness in the UN system which was exploited by the NZ bureaucrats and Geoffry Palmer. The book proves that the claim of the proponents of neo liberalism that ‘there is no other way’ (TINA) to be completely false. In fact, there is every indication that the ethical approach will greatly improve human well being and world peace.


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