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REMINDER : TPPA, Jane Kelsey & “Inside Job” at The Academy, Thursday August 18

TPPA = Taking People’s Power Away

*Special Event at the Academy Cinema*

Inside Job [Blu-ray] Movie Poster

You are invited to join us for a special screening of INSIDE JOB


with speakers including


*Jane Kelsey*, expert on international politics and *David Clendon*, Green Party MP.


*When: 7pm, Thurs 18th Aug*

*Where: Academy Cinema on Lorne Street, beside the Auckland Central Library*

*Tickets: $20 *


Purchase your tickets online


INSIDE JOB is a shocking expose of what caused the 2008 financial crisis,

the recession which cost tens of millions of people their jobs

and cost the global economy over $20 trillion.

Through extensive research and interviews with leading financiers, politicians and journalists

INSIDE JOB traces the rise of a rogue and corrupt industry.

INSIDE JOB has won multiple awards, including being rated by Best Documentary of the Year by the New York Film Critics.

After the film Jane Kelsey will discuss some of the issues with New Zealand’s own finance sector,

including our risk of losing economic sovereignty to multi-national corporations through the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,

which our government is currently negotiating

in secret.

David Clendon, Green Party MP will outline some of the steps our government could take to regulate our finance sector.

There will be time for questions and group discussion.


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