The Crucial Importance Of Human Genes In The Analysis Of Global Political Affairs ~ Most Of The Suffering Is Still To Come

We need to face the facts –
propaganda and public brain-washing, corruption, deception and the democracy farce
are intentional and all-encompassing;
these are not the results of a few minor aberrations or unavoidable accidents in otherwise decent society
The scientific fact of the matter is that human nature is our biggest problem. 

1. Growing wave of public protest and anger is just more of the same

The technocratic-Military-Industrial-Complex is on the brink of another war of global conquest; and now Syria and Iran are their targets. (1) Not surprising, the growing wave of public protest against the money-gods of our world and the over-reach and excesses of the empire – just another cycle in an endless class struggle. Is the wave of protest going to change things? Hardly! If entire nations can be devastated by US or NATO bombing campaigns what harm can unarmed demonstrators do? As Bill Clinton said “the protestors have no focus, nothing constructive to say.” And with nothing new to offer, we are called again and again to join in protest marches, write letters, petitions and boycott products, organizations or countries we oppose, as every generation before us has done.

Just a quick scan, reviewing the present state of the world through the hundreds of commentaries and articles in the alternative media, is enough to depress any keen idealistic student of journalism. In the face of everything we see, we can’t but acknowledge how communism has failed; fascism, imperialism, socialism, religion, even democracy, the UN and capitalism has failed to create a world of peace, prosperity, justice, security and health for all. Tony Cartalucci depicts the corrupt, deceiving, oppressive imperialism of our day with the realism of a renaissance artist (2) but there’s a missing part of the picture – a key part.

Tony Cartalucci, Prof Noam Chomsky, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Prof John Kozy (and others) correctly point out that we are going round and round in circles – Hundreds of millions of soldiers gave their lives in the last century for a better world, for promises that evaporated once the wars were over. We keep protesting, fighting losing battles, kicking against bolted dungeons, trying the same ineffective philosophies, strategies, warfare and revolutionary schemes as our ancestors and then another generation down the line we find ourselves in the same unsatisfactory situation as our grandparents. We seem incapable of learning from the past and improving. (3) (6)

2. Reasons for the futility of protest action

We really need to ask – why do none of our solutions work?….and we need to keeping asking until we get the answer. Two misleading concepts have profoundly influenced the social, political and philosophical thinking of the 20th century. The first is the Marxist assertion that all human being are born with equal potential for personal development – human nature is a “tabla rosa” upon which society writes, therefore, perfect society leads to perfect human beings. The second is the equivalent near universal maxim of Humanist psychology that human beings are born innately good and only our imperfect social and historical environment might corrupt the growing child. Without a doubt these ideas seem magnanimous and optimistic but they are contradicted by experimental observation and scientific measurements in the real world of practical experience. Sigmund Freud stated: “biology is destiny” and decades of careful scientific research proves that. But the solid research has been side-lined in preference for pseudo-scientific Humanism.

Revolutionaries are misinformed and deluded in thinking that by destroying the “oppressive,” old rules and structures of society, the new will automatically take over and produce a rapid transformation and improvement of society. The misguided actions carried out by revolutionaries in the last century demonstrate this futility as far as the masses are concerned but they nevertheless achieved the hidden goals and agendas of their paymasters. Investigations and in-depth analysis of the external forces and outcomes of the South African civil war by Finian Cunningham and this author (4) and (5) illustrate again the illusion of progress and confirms how blind the common people and their protest leaders are to historical political reality. Other examples are Russiaand China. Those communist governments were as inhumane and oppressive as the capitalist governments they replaced if not worse; and dictatorships or banana republics that result from revolution usually result in more corruption, disorder, fear and suffering than before the revolution (like 18th centuryFrance, or modernSouth Africa andNigeria).

Abundant evidence documents and proves that the problems of society (both communist and capitalist societies) are not caused by the structures and rules, but by the people who apply and/or misapply the structures and rules in their everyday decisions and actions. To achieve any transformation and improvement of society we need an improvement in the human gene pool as an essential part of the plan. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and their scientists were smart enough to realize that but their brutal methods of solving the problem were inexcusable. Destroying the undesirable systems and political opponents doesn’t automatically produce something good in its place. Protestors criticize and complain but put nothing better in place. They think they can create simply by trashing, burning and destroying.

3. The forbidden topic of human genetics

While everyone knows the importance of genes and breeding in livestock husbandry and domestic animal pedigree, any talk of the same biological principles within the human population is complete taboo. In the mainstream social sciences we are only permitted to work at trying to fix the system not the concrete matter in hand – the people. Great thinkers have articulated various philosophies, political schemes and social engineering for ridding the world of war, tyranny, poverty, crime and suffering but none have succeeded so far. The scientific fact of the matter is that human nature is our biggest problem. Our solutions so far have been like tinkering with the software when the hardware is broken. Imperfect human genes plus imperfect society continues to produce imperfect society and more imperfect human beings. It’s the terrible truth that a few well-qualified biologists and social scientists have been trying to tell us for decades but the media has silenced them and the old boys club has ended their careers. The Nazi party and Communist tyrants practised what many other powerful elite believed but would never write or say in public. In fact in public they pretend the opposite.

To suggest that human nature is our biggest problem seems rather uncharitable, pessimistic, inhumane, even heinous. So the truth-sayers were branded or ridiculed and relegated to the place of outcast racists and blasphemous Nazis. Even their books have gone out of print and perhaps a good thing now or else blatant genocide would not have been limited toChina,Russia,Rwanda,Cambodia,Sudan, etc. Violent political solutions produce violent societies and until we acknowledge that human nature is our biggest problem we will never have the ability and foresight to create a better world where everyone thrives in peace and goodwill. We continue to work with a faulty hypothesis of human nature and continue to produce results that fall far short of our anticipated goals and ideals.



4. Political and social insight that controls the world today

A careful, penetrating analysis of the past century of socio-economic history reveals that the real mechanisms of social control and management are not what they appear to be. The Centre for Research on Globalization has published dozens of well-researched articles exposing the farce of democracy, the brain-washing of academia and the corruption and injustice of the judiciary, both nationally and internationally. (6) We need to face the facts – government propaganda, corruption, deception and the democracy farce have long been intentional and all-encompassing. These nasty gargoyles are not exceptions to the norm, not minor aberrations or unavoidable accidents in otherwise decent society. They are the secret, ubiquitous keys and tools of social control. (7)

All of this points to the conclusion that a super-elite ruling class do know all about the importance of genes and breeding and privately use their insights to best advantage of their class while their “highly educated’ officials and bought henchmen continue to be misled by “social pseudo-science” and unproven political hypotheses. It’s astounding how easily the adoring zombies in the lower echelons of academic, industrial and military circles swallow such lofty unfounded humanist ideals. Clearly, the vast majority of the world’s population are bribed or brain-washed. It’s been said now – let’s not pretend any longer.

This warped “education” has been so well entrenched by educational institutions and the corporate-controlled media that even the concept of trying to rid the world of evil seems ludicrously idealistic, even crazy to most, who don’t care. But others keep trying in vain! And the elite love it. They know too well that it keeps political activists and religious groups endlessly busy and in their places, hopelessly trying to change the world.

It’s still a well-kept secret that the research, arguments and books of those geneticists and social scientists who spoke the truth have been avidly read and followed by the reclusive elite who rule the world by proxy today. Most of these scientists were actually financed by the elite. (8) That’s why they have got better entrenched every decade. When trying to establish what these people in high places really know, think and feel we should not pay too much attention to what they say and do in public but to what they do behind the scenes. The reclusive royalty, bankers and top military commanders tell us that everything they do and plan is for the benefit of mankind; or for the majority of mankind at least. But when every year hundreds of millions of people [mostly innocent] get killed, maimed, diseased, raped, or condemned to a life of slavery or starvation in the process, one needs to question the real values and priorities of the super-powerful elite. Growing populations are obviously “good for business” and it’s of no concern to those in high places how destitute those at the bottom of the pile become. We read the statistics but can’t even begin to appreciate the scale of human misery. Danny Schechter warns us – “What you may not know is that most of the suffering is still to come.” (1) Is there really nothing we or they can do about this so-called “unintended collateral damage”?

The “upper crust” seem to express such genuine regret, sympathy and concern for the troubles and woes of the serfs and casualties but in their castles and clandestine hotels, at top secret military meetings and private political dinners, they laugh and scheme about the next plot for toppling an uncooperative government or business competitor. This is 21st century feudalism at its best, disguised as democratic civilization. Let’s not forget that less than 200 years ago slavery was quite acceptable to the civilized, elite ruling class.

The scenario described above seems to imply that the hypocrites of the elite class are responsible for all the suffering in the world. Not so. Blaming the elite rulers contradicts the earlier assertion that imperfection in human nature is our major problem. Sadly, the common people behave the same as the elite when occasionally roles are reversed. Indeed imperfect genes exist at all levels of society but the consequences and effects are far more devastating and widespread when [as it generally happens] imperfect, sociopaths wield so much power over the lives and destinies of other weaker people. Imperfect humans ought to be identified and removed as far as possible from seats of power.

5. The perfect solution to the age old problem

It’s not a lack of information, technology, good ideas, motivation or good organization that troubles the world today – it’s the lack of good, honest, noble and trust-worthy people in positions of power to apply the technology, ideas and organization that plagues society. This is what needs to be understood and addressed. And it’s not just the top of the pile that’s rotten; the rot penetrates from top to bottom. Humanity is not all rotten, but just one rotten fly in the ointment makes the whole jar stink. Unfortunately, the common people can’t see the fly. Not yet anyway.

The time is becoming ripe, perhaps more ripe than before, for unveiling and publishing the new but old plan of action for humanity. Unfortunately very few are listening so the unveiling will have to wait until people realize the futility of all the old unsuccessful solutions and the deception they have been living under. Then they will listen. Hope that’s not too late!


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