Afghan Massacre Victims Recount Multi-Soldier Air Support Attack To Western Journalist

After the US military tried to prevent access,

western reporters have been able to interview Afghan Massacre witnesses

who report multiple soldiers assisted by helicopter support.

This child was recounts the many soldiers. Video also shows this child was shot in the leg, reportedly while fighting to prevent parents from being executed.

The witnesses give first hand accounts saying that a group of 20 soldiers participated in the attack

and were assisted by a helicopter that was giving air support,

which corroborates the findings of an Afghanistan investigation panel.

The US government’s official version says there was only one shooter involved,

but news broke earlier that the accused shooter’s attorney is being denied access to the witnesses and information

about the incident

to defend his client.

The witnesses report watching their family members being killed by a lead gunman

while other soldiers secure the area

and held lights

during the nighttime raids.

Afghan soldiers also report that he went to the base to inform them about the alleged shooter’s “weird behavior”

after the first round of killings.

Despite being warned,

the accused soldier is believed to have remained on the base for over an hour

before the second round of killings.


Watch for yourself here

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