CIA Drone Attacks ~ Killing Suspects ‘Just in Case’ They Are Guilty

There is a new trend in the ‘war on terror’ by the real world terror

that is the US, Israeli and Western governments,

and it is called ‘bomb them just in case’.

With the looming threat of an attack on ‘innocent’ Iran,

it is the same premise of ‘bomb them just in case’.

This tactic is no different than shooting someone ‘just in case’ they get a gun and kill you,

even though they have never exhibited any aggression or threat of aggression towards you,

or indeed never possessed a gun in the past.

A similar analogy is that of a bully in a school yard,

terrorizing and beating up the younger kids ‘just in case’ they grow bigger and tougher

and ‘just might’ become a threat to you later on,

so get them anyway ‘just in case’.

It is the same

as the horrific, unprovoked murders taking place in Pakistan by the Drone strikes,

pak drone


which is murder

without a trial for the victims or the perpetrators.


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Sun Mar 10 , 2013