Exxon’s oil spill cover-up deepens


As spill estimates are being revised to near 300,000 gallons, we have been hearing very disturbing reports about Exxon’s continued focus on PR damage control rather than actual damage control.

At every turn they are attempting to obfuscate the truth even if it means endangering the health of workers, residents and the ecosystem.

We have reported how they power-washed bitumen into a nearby wetland and then paid local sheriffs to keep cameras away — hiding the problem at the expense of the local watershed and everyone who relies on it for drinking water, hunting and fishing.

During the day, workers and police are not wearing masks. We have spoken to several workers who had no idea that they were dealing with tar sands bitumen instead of crude oil. None were willing to talk further or go on the record.

At night, according to reports from several residents, workers wear full protective suits.



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